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5 Key Considerations for AV Equipment Rental: What You Need to Know

AV equipment rental is an essential element to consider for any event. AV stands for audiovisual also known as AVL. AV equipment includes audio, video and lighting (AVL). It is important to understand the basics so you are able to make the right decisions to ensure event success, especially if you are a newbie.

Here are 5 key things you need to know about AV equipment rental.

Event Equipment Rental Venue Layout

It is important to understand the layout of the event venue as this will help the event company or the #AVequipmentrental company that you have engaged to recommend the right type and quantity of sound, lighting and visuals to ensure event success. As such it is essential to know which event venue you have booked for your event. Most established event companies and #audiovisualequipment rental companies do have the knowledge of the event venue layouts as they may have already had many events at these event venues.

Power Supply

The first thing most event companies or AV rental companies will ask is if there is sufficient power supply at the event venue that you have booked. The venue management may also have some rules and regulations on the use of their power supply such as requiring LEW and SLD drawings. There are also times when there might not be enough power supply which would mean that a power generator will be required.

Shelter for Outdoor Event Venue

If you are booking an outdoor venue, it is essential to communicate this to your event company or AV equipment rental company. The first thing they will ask is if there is a sheltered area for the #AVequipment. Otherwise, the event company or AV equipment rental company will request to include a tentage for their AV equipment.

Book AV Equipment Rental Service Early

To save cost, it is always a good idea to book for your AV equipment early. Event companies and AV equipment rental companies prefer early bookings so that they are able to schedule their staff and sort out the logistics early. As such they usually offer early confirmation discounts to their clients who confirm their AV equipment rental service early, for example around 2 months or more before event.

Experienced AV Technicians

Did you know that one of the most critical element to ensure event success is the skill of AV technicians deployed for the event? This is the most underrated event element that most fail to comprehend. Engaging the right event company or AV equipment rental company with the right, experienced and skilled video technician, soundman and lighting programmer, is important to ensure event success. The best way to ensure you have the right AV technicians is to work with reputable event companies or AV rental companies. If you have been in the events industry for some time you may also have direct contacts with your preferred AV technicians and you may engage them directly for your events too.


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