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Things To Know About LED Video Wall Rental

Including LED video wall rental service for your event is a great way to enhance your event. LED video walls can make the event more vibrant and immersive for your guests. A LED wall also gives you more options on what you can include for your event. For example, you can show live feeds, show a company video or even create colourful and beautiful backgrounds on stage for the different segments of live shows you have for your event.

There are important things that you need to know before you start sourcing for an event company or #LEDvideowallrental company. For example, here is a short video by our event company on why you should rent #LEDvideowall for an outdoor daytime event rather than a projector.

Here are the things you to know about LED video wall rental service:

Viewing/Sitting Distance From LED Video Wall

The sitting distance from the first row of guests to the LED video wall has to meet the minimum requirement. For example, for a P3 LED video wall, a sitting distance of about 6 metres is required. As such it is important to ensure you have the right event venue seats layout to allow you to have this minimum distance. Most event venue spaces have more than enough space especially if they have a stage which is usually quite a distance away from the first row of seated guests.

LED Wall Panel Sizes

LED walls come typically in 2 panel sizes which are:

500mm (H) x 500mm (L) x 100mm (W)

500mm (H) x 1500mm (L) x 100mm (W)

These panels combine to form that one big LED wall screen that you see at events. As long as the minimum viewing distance is met you will not see the lines in between the panels. The newer LED walls are constructed with better designs that the gap in between panels is almost impossible to see.

Professional Engineer Endorsement and Licensed Electrical Worker Services

For LED Video Walls that are more than 3 metres in height a Professional Engineer (PE) endorsement is required by law. For large LED walls you will require the services of a Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) who will determine if there is enough power for the LED wall at the venue.

These are usually requirements by the event venue and are services that are usually offered as a LED video wall rental package. Event companies and AV rental companies usually indicate these costs separately in their quotations as depending on the client or the event venue, these services may be engaged separately too. However, it is usually cheaper to go with the event company or AV rental company.

Choosing The Right Pixel Pitch Vs LED Wall Rental Budget

Working out what pixel pitch is needed for your event is a crucial part of your event. The lower the pixel pitch the more the LED video wall rental will be. For example, a P2 (P stands for pixel pitch) LED video wall will be more expensive than a P3 LED video wall.

This is also where you can save some money. If you have a big event venue space and the first row of guests are much further away from the LED video wall, you can save money and go for a P3 or P4 LED video wall. However, if your event space is limited and the viewing distance from the front row is limited then choosing a P1 or P2 is advisable.

For example, for a P3 LED video wall, a 5 metres distance is required and for a P2 LED video wall a distance of 3.5 metres is required.

Image And Video Source And Ratio

The image and video source from a laptop or computer are usually connected through HDMI or VGA cables.

The image and video quality depends entirely on the source. As such it is important to communicate this to your AV company or event company. The aspect ratio of your video and image has to match with the LED video wall screen size. The company which you engaged for your LED video wall rental service will give you the best advice on the size of the LED wall required for your event or you may edit the image and video to match the size of the LED video wall that you prefer for your event. Either way it is best to always keep the LED wall rental company in the loop and up-to-date to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Outdoor LED Video Wall Rental

For outdoor events, ensure that you get an outdoor LED video wall. The 2 main reasons are that firstly they are designed specifically to ensure high quality outdoor daytime viewing due to the fact that they are brighter. The second reason is that outdoor LED video walls are weatherproof.

Once you have engaged an event company or AV rental company for your LED video wall rental service package, it is always best to share all the information you have on the event including, what you want to achieve with the use of the LED video wall for your guests, the event venue location, the number of guests and the type of image and video you want to display on the LED wall.


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