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How to wow your audience with LED video wall - at an affordable price!

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Want to use LED video wall to wow your audience?

Event planners are constantly seeking new ways to add excitement to special events, meetings and conferences. While embracing new technology can certainly add more oomph to your event, it doesn’t come cheap and can be a budget breaker. By engaging an event company or AV company to provide you with LED video wall rental service, you can achieve enormous visual effect at an inexpensive price.

Here are important things to remember for LED video wall rentals, to ensure that you are getting quality visuals for your guests.

That’s right, more bang for your buck. Now that we have your attention, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use LED wall rental to spice up your event at an affordable price.

What are LED Video Walls?

LED video walls consist of Direct View LED screens (also known as DV) that work together to show content as a single screen. LED screens are extremely effective as each panel conducts and emits its own light. The visual is clear, colours are more vibrant and are great for outdoors.

How do you use LED video walls?

Whether you want a vibrant background for a keynote presentation or an interactive entrance to wow your audience the second they step into your event, an LED video wall can leave your guests with a permanent, positive impression about your brand or event.

These days, good quality video presentations are a must-have at events and LED walls are a great way to impress your audience who are looking for an immersive visual experience.

An LED wall can also be used to show live event feeds, however you will need to hire a videographer for the event to make this work. You may also wish to show video clips related to your event or company, especially if it is a special occasion and you have engaged the services of a professional who created amazing video clips from the material that were provided by you.

Another way to use an LED video wall is to use it as a digital signage. LED video walls are great for this purpose as:

- The gaps between panels are minimal and not easily visible.

- They come in various sizes.

- They can be used both outdoors and indoors.

- The LED panels can be calibrated to ensure that they have the same colour and brightness settings.

Should you buy or rent LED video walls?

LED video walls are great, however, they don’t come cheap. That’s where LED video wall rental comes in. By renting instead of buying you can have the latest technology at your event without a large upfront investment.

Another thing you’ll need to consider between renting and buying an LED wall equipment is the need to maintain and store the equipment. It can be costly to constantly keep up with the latest technology. In Singapore where storage space doesn’t come cheap, the price of owning LED wall equipment can add up to a significant amount over time.

Common LED video wall sizes in Singapore:

In Singapore, LED video wall panels usually come in the following sizes:

500mm (H) x 500mm (L) x 100mm (W)

500mm (H) x 1500mm (L) x 100mm (W)

For example,

If you require a 4m (L) by 3m (H) LED wall, 48 LED panels of a size of 500mm by 500mm, will be required.

If you require a 4m (L) by 3m (H) LED wall, 24 LED panels of a size of 500mm by 1500mm, will be required.

Here is a fun video that touches LED wall rental and AV rentals services in Singapore.

AV technicians, lighting programmers, video technicians and sound technicians play an integral part in ensuring that the setup is done professionally, testing is completed and managing your sound, lighting and visual equipment professionally and smoothly throughout the event. It is essential to hire experienced professionals, as even the best equipment is only as good as the person who operates it. As such hiring the right event crew and AV technician can be the difference between having executed a hassle-free unforgettable event, to one that nobody cares to remember. Here are 8 important things to know about renting LED video walls in Singapore.

Want to rent LED video walls for your next event? Contact us today to learn about our LED wall rental service and packages. Here is a short blog on what we offer as part of our LED video wall rental service in Singapore.

Have some questions or queries on our LED video wall rental service? Feel free to contact us through email at assif@electricdreamz.com or call us at +65 6683 9541.

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