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LED video wall rental in Singapore: Creating Immersive Experiences and Stronger Connections

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

The state of the art display technologies of today deliver much more than digital signage. Digital technologies have evolved and display systems now offer much better visual quality and flexibility in terms of size. LED video walls are now being used when the situation calls for engaging tools to display content and create immersive artistic environments.

LED Walls Vs Projectors and Screens

Here is a video that touches on why depending on the type of environment and venue, an LED video wall can be the better option to projectors and screens.

As the video states, an LED wall is a better option if your event is held at an outdoor venue in the daytime or is held indoors but in a bright environment where the sun shines through all around the venue through large windows. A projector is also prone to breakdowns if placed in a hot environment. Here is more about overheating projector issues.

Video content has always been very powerful in delivering messages. They act as platforms to create dynamic and engaging presentations by integrating original content, interactive software and responsive interfaces, as well as film, animation and storytelling.

LED Wall Technology

When it comes to large format displays and video walls, nothing beats LED video wall systems. The LED video wall delivers the greatest advantage in terms of seamless image scalability and an almost infinite number of canvas dimensions and orientations. LED video walls do not come cheap, but with LED video wall rental services, the price of using LED video walls at your event have significantly gone down.

LED Wall rental service - Singapore events

Reduce LED Wall Rental Cost

Here are some tips on how to to reduce LED wall rental costs:

  • Plan your event during off peak months between January and August, rates are cheaper and negotiable.

  • Get early confirmation discounts by engaging your LED wall rental service at least more than a month early.

  • Establish a long-term working relationship with an event company to receive special rates.

LED Wall Rental Service in Singapore In Singapore, LED video wall rental services has made it more affordable and accessible for event organizers and planners to use them to create immersive experiences and build stronger connections with audiences. You can now use the high definition LED walls to convey your messages and display images that gives an unbeatable visual impact. The LED video wall rental services in Singapore usually includes set up and technical support so you have lesser things to worry about at your event.

LED Digital Signage Wall

Large digital signs have become a commonplace and the public has become accustomed and even desensitised to them in our daily interactions. Digital surfaces such as LED video walls can pass on a tremendous amount of information at superior image quality so as to keep the audience excited and interested. What distinguishes a LED video wall from another display is the visual effects that can provide an immersive experience to the audience. The enhanced display helps build connection with the audience, provoking stronger emotions in the audience and creating an overall memorable experience.

LED walls are the best option in the market for displaying video presentations. They are a must-have at events these days, and are a great way to impress your audience in search of an immersive visual experience.

LED Video Wall Attributes

LED video walls come with a set of positive attributes:

  • The panel gaps are small and not easily visible.

  • They're coming in different sizes.

  • They can be used indoors and outdoors.

  • It is possible to calibrate the LED panels to maintain the same colour and brightness settings.

For the above reasons, LED video wall are also great as a digital signage.

An LED wall is also great for streaming of live event streams. For such purposes, you will need to get a videographer to film highlights at an event which will be fed onto the screen.

live video - LED video walls

Alternatively, you may also want to show video clips related to your event or company. For this you will have engage a graphic designer and provide him or her the images and videos, to produce an awesome company video to celebrate milestones and anniversaries.

Want to hire a reliable LED video wall rental service in Singapore? Contact us at assif@electricdreamz.com or call us at +65 8586 0502 or +65 6683 9541. Alternatively, you can learn more about out LED wall rental service or visit us at Electric Dreamz to find out more about our event company.

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