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  • Regi Publico

9 Fun Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Organizing corporate entertainment events is both a challenging and thrilling mission to take on. The fun that comes with brainstorming ideas for enticing activities comes with the challenge of satisfying the expectations and preferences of each attendee.

Whether you are organizing activities for a small gathering or preparing for a large-scale occasion, this list of ingenious #corporateevententertainment ideas should come in handy.

The suggested activities in this blog are divided into three categories: Simple and Budget-Friendly, Funny and Inspiring, All-out and Sophisticated.

Here are 9 fun corporate event entertainment ideas:

Simple and Budget-Friendly

Here’s a secret: Not all successful events are the result of a massive event organizing budget. Sometimes, all you need is to summon your resourceful spirit to make things work. Now, what corporate activities can still prove amusing even with a limited budget?

The Good Ol’ Bingo

Bingo is a popular event entertainment idea enjoyed by everyone. The mechanics of the game are easy to understand. Print the bingo cards in advance and prepare pens and tables that the guests will use. Try spicing things a bit by customizing the cards. Instead of crossing out numbers, why not replace them with funny classifications or physical attributes? Participants must approach the person who they feel best embodies the qualities described in the cards. For instance, one of the blocks in the card says, “Luscious hair”, then the participant must find a fellow attendee who they feel meets the said criteria.

Online Scavenger Hunt

This activity is a resourceful one. The staff will be asked to bring items based on a list provided by the host. If you plan on organizing an online scavenger hunt, it would be best to create a list that contains both common and not-so-common items found in one’s household. By doing so, you can escalate the thrill as attendees are made to be keener, creative, and listen actively to ensure they find all the items they are required to bring.

Yoga and Wellness

Some activities are designed to help employees relax and release pent-up tension and stress. Arrange a yoga session with a wellness expert to promote physical and mental health. The activity may not be as dynamic, but it encourages self-care and being proactive to neutralize physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. Wellness activities can be held more than once. For instance, you can have a monthly yoga session or a weekly Zumba dance workout.

Funny and Inspiring

Turn things up a notch by preparing activities that trigger the competitive and curious sides of the attendees. These activities are meant to liven up the party and push event-goers to leave their comfort zones and collaborate to achieve a common goal.

Virtual Murder Mystery

Make attendees unleash their inner detective. Concoct a detailed and stirring background story. The characters will be portrayed by fellow colleagues to enliven mystery. Provide scripts to go with their personas to make their actions more convincing. Give a time limit for the participants. Whoever solves the mystery correctly and the fastest wins.

Karaoke Contest

Are guests tired of the typical singing contest? Well, a karaoke contest is open for professional and amateur singers. Even people who sing off-key are welcome to join. Divide attendees into groups and have them take turns singing their song of choice. The objective is to beat the highest recorded score to be hailed as the winner.

Feeling silly and out-of-the-box? How about reversing the goal into securing the lowest karaoke points instead? It will surely leave guests feeling boggled and transfixed on how to strategize their victory.

Another way to add a fun twist to this melodic competition is to have parts of the lyrics blocked or covered and participants must guess the missing words or phrases correctly. You can rent a high-quality sound system or use the internet to your advantage. There are tons of minus-one versions of popular songs available online. Download these tracks and edit them with a video editing tool to prepare for the contest.

Obstacle Race

Nothing beats the adrenaline of being outdoors and exerting one’s energy to overcome physical obstacles. The obstacle race will test the staff’s physical stamina and teamwork.

Secure and set up the obstacle course race in advance and make sure to do test runs before the event. This is to prevent possible accidents and injuries caused by a poorly arranged race track.

All-Out and Sophisticated

If your #evententertainment budget allows you to explore more unconventional types of events, check out the following ideas:

Fundraising Raffle

A fundraising raffle involves purchasing tickets with the proceeds dedicated to a nonprofit beneficiary. Depending on the available prices, you can have attendees purchase as many tickets as they want. The prizes must also be quite enticing to convince people to participate. Among the typical raffle prizes include cash, appliances, gadgets, limited edition tickets to upcoming events, gift certificates, and discount vouchers to coffee shops and restaurants.

Eco-Friendly Fashion Show

Speaking of going all-out, how about a Project Runway-inspired event? Have the participants use unconventional materials such as plastic bags, newspapers, decorations, or school supplies to produce a collection of red-carpet-worthy gowns and suits.

If not, prepare different style categories that participants must follow and flaunt in a makeshift catwalk. The catch is that they must piece together different clothing items from fellow participants to achieve the required look.

Master Class or Business Exhibitions

Make your corporate event an insightful experience! Book masterclasses designed to hone hard and soft skills among attendees. Alternatively, you can check upcoming exhibitions related to your industry or area of specialization and have employees attend the said event. They can help represent and market the business while expanding their professional network in the process.

Assembling a successful virtual event or face-to-face corporate get-together entails your inventiveness and capacity to have fun. You can make it as special and unique as you want, just don’t forget to think about the people who will be a part of the event throughout the entire planning process. For hassle-free event entertainment be sure to engage the right event entertainment company that can provide a one-stop solution event entertainment service to meet all your needs.


This article was written by Regi Publico for Electric Dreamz, an event company in Singapore. Regi Publico is a full-time writer based in Manila who is also an artist for fun. She takes pride in her towering collection of books and loves reading about anything under the sun. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge through every article that she writes.

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