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Team Building Ideas In Singapore - For Fun Team Building Games and Corporate Team Bonding Activities

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Looking for fun team building ideas in Singapore? Do you have an upcoming requirement for corporate team building games and team bonding activities in Singapore? Are you looking for a professional, reliable and low cost team building event company that can offer you ideas for corporate team building games and team bonding activities that are both fun and effective?


Electric Dreamz is an event company who guarantees fun team building games and team bonding activities that are effective in evolving your employees into a closely knit group who will begin to understand the benefits of team work and how working together towards achieving a specific goal brings about positive results.

We call it the 'Staff Evolution Programme'!

We offer corporate team building ideas in Singapore for a variety of custom packages that can be half-day or full-day according to budgets and depending on chosen venues. These can be indoor team building games, outdoor team building games or both indoor and outdoor team building and team bonding activities packages.

We guarantee that it will be an unforgettable experience that will bring everyone together at an unparalleled and unprecedented level.


What are the key areas that team building games and activities concentrate on and develop?

Depending on the team building games chosen, they develop skills which include:

  1. Communication

  2. Cooperation

  3. Creative Thinking

  4. Decision Making

  5. Problem-Solving

  6. Leadership

  7. Time Management

  8. Trust

Here is an awesome website for more information on team building for the curious mind:

Electric Dreamz is an event company that believes a successful and effective team building package has to be fun yet effective and not only engage participants but continues to keep them engaged throughout the team building event.

With this mind, we put together corporate team building packages that keep participants engaged and that they enjoy throughout from start to finish.




Indoor team building games require a corporate team building package that consists of team building games that can work and that can be applied effectively even in space constraint indoor event venues. An additional event venue space constraint consideration is the limit on the number participants that can be accommodated.

Here is a list of indoor team building games that require only small to medium space:

  • Crazy Chairs

  • Caterpillar Race

  • Creative Cheer Contest

  • Build it

  • Shopping Blind

  • Catch the Phrase

  • Props & Pose Selfie Contest

  • Get it on

  • and many more


Outdoor team building games are activities that require an outdoor space and a larger space area. Outdoor venue spaces are best for large group of participants numbering 200 or more. These are also great ideas for team bonding activities. Outdoor team building games include the above-mentioned and include these examples:

  • The Awesome Race

  • Tail Hunters

  • Treasure Hunt

  • Scavenger Hunt

  • Rescue!

  • Night Hunt

  • and many more


What are the basic manpower requirements for organising a team building event?

Chief Facilitator - Chief Trainer

A chief facilitator oversees the entire team building event and is in-charge of conducting the prep talks and evaluation debriefings with the assistance of the assistant manager and appointed group facilitators.

Assistant Chief Facilitator

An assistant trainer will assist the chief facilitator to manage groups of participants. For a larger scale team building event where there are group facilitators, he will also coordinate and manage the group facilitators to ensure the team building game and activity is being carried out accordingly.

Group Facilitator - For a group of more than 40

Team building events that have more than 40 participants ideally require additional manpower called the group facilitator who will take charge of a particular assigned group. He will manage, advise and assist them from start to finish. The rule of thumb is that for every 20 more pax, an additional group facilitator is required.

Prep Team - For a group of 100 pax or more

This is a group of event crew who assist with logistics, especially in between team building games where they prepare the area for the next team building activity and clearance. For outdoor team building activities, they come in early to do all the necessary preparatory work, according to the requirements and instructions given to them by the chief facilitator and the assistant chief facilitator.



Electric Dreamz specialises in crafting customised team building packages according to your needs and requirements which incorporate team building games and team bonding activities that are both fun and effective, to achieve the desired goals.

For example, a full day team building and team bonding package can include half-day indoor or outdoor team building games in the morning hours and a fun team bonding activity in the afternoon.


We craft team building packages and proposals that not only engage participants at early stages, we aim to keep their interest throughout. We customise team building games and activities packages with segments and games that are inter-linked, meaning that achieving every segment goal is just a small part towards achieving and reaching the ultimate main goal which is at the last segment of the entire event.


Electric Dreamz can now include an optional innovative new dinner and dance event element that incorporates a fun and exciting team bonding activity into your dinner and dance package.

This is an activity that is both a team bonding activity and a way to create interest and get all invited guests looking forward to the company dinner and dance event!

Find out more about it here (look for Electric Dreamz Special):



We are a low cost, reliable and professional one stop quality solution event company that goes the extra mile to achieve success and leave lasting impressions.

We are able to keep costs low mainly because of our low overheads, which allows us to work with low margins and offer low rates.

Team Building - Team Bonding | Electric Dreamz

"Turning dreams into reality through innovation and creativity."

At Electric Dreamz, our core values are:




For more information on our corporate event services, please visit our corporate event planner page.

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Do you plan to have a team building event or team bonding activity in Singapore for your employees and require an event package and quotation?

Team Building - Team Bonding | Electric Dreamz | Singapore

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Thanks for taking the time and for the kind read. Have a great day!

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