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5 Great Team Building Ideas: Fun and Engaging Games and Activities For Your Staff

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Is it that time of the year to plan a fun team bonding activity or team building games for your staff and colleagues again? It is super important to break free and have some fun time with your colleagues after a period of stress and a busy work environment to celebrate your staff's achievements and successes together or just to wind-down. Are you looking for some great ideas for your next outing or #teambonding activities?

Planning and hosting corporate events for #teambuilding and bonding activities can be challenging when you have many milestones to hit in your office work too. Sometimes, office outings can turn out to be a snooze fest due to improper planning of team activities and substandard execution.

Here we share 5 great corporate team building activities that your colleagues would enjoy.

A Musical Night of Karaoke!

If you are planning to bring out the best in your colleagues in an open atmosphere, consider conducting a karaoke night at a nice bar or hall. This is an inexpensive team bonding activity especially suited if you have a limited budget to work with. All you need is some fancy lights, microphones, and speakers! No one would say no to a night of good music, food and drinks that would energize them to share their interests in music to break free! It is a great way to get to know each other and their taste in music. Many stars can be born through activities like this!

An Exciting Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is by far one of the best #outdoorteambuilding and team bonding activities that your team members will not only enjoy, it will also build their leadership skills, improve communication and promote cooperation without them even realizing it. The team members need to be broken up into different groups and should be given tasks that would lead to the final prize. Yes, planning a scavenger hunt can be a huge task as it needs to be detailed and quirky. You could also plan to incorporate themes to the hunt like Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, etc to plant hints by asking questions or showing riddles that relate to these shows and that leads them to the eventual goal or prize.

Paint and Chill

If your team has had a rather stressful year and just want to unwind and relax, a group painting activity would be the ideal team bonding activity. Each person will be given a canvas, mug, or t-shirt to paint for this activity and food and drinks can be arranged to be served at the start or end of the activity depending on the time of day. Painting is relaxing and needs very little physical activity that could help bring out you staff and colleagues creative side and can serve as a release valve for all the stress and tension at work. This is especially suitable if your team consists of many seniors.

Cooking As A Family

Grab your spatulas if you are on for a cooking frenzy conducted by a team member or even a professional chef in a nice hotel or restaurant! This is the perfect team bonding activity especially if your staff will be wit their family members too. Cooking a meal together brings people together and closer as a family, which would work miracles to transform an otherwise tensed work environment into a happy one which translates to higher productivity and better teamwork. Supporting and working in a kitchen environment together to create something amazing would lift each other’s spirits and also, everyone gets to eat it! Another team bonding activity that is suitable for seniors.

A Friendly Sports Game

If you have a team full of sports enthusiasts, you need not think of complicated team building ideas; plan a game at a rented ground or a resort. You could get team members to form their own team or even pick out the team member names yourself. Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Cricket and etc. can be planned and executed without much difficulty. If you are at a resort with beautiful sea around you, you could even try enjoying some sea sports yourself and your staff and colleagues! Working as a team to win by incorporating creative decision making and complementing each other’s steps and actions is a great way to bond and bring the 'commanderie spirit' in the work culture.

Now, was that a lot to take in? Take a deep breath, we got it sorted for you. We at Electric Dreamz can provide everything need for your team outing activity from tickets to reach beautiful destinations, hotel bookings, transportation with food and drinks. We have wonderful corporate team building packages which includes the management, leadership and care of our wonderful team of facilitators and prep teams. We are a one stop solution team building event company who can cater to all of your needs including photographers, videographers, game coordinators, deejays, light and sound systems rentals, bartenders, waiters, etc. If you are interested in giving away free gifts and prizes to your employees, with the company logo or vision printed on it, Electric Dreamz can offer you some awesome suggestions that matches your requirements and budget.

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