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Amazing Activities and Games Ideas - Corporate Team Building, Kids Party and Halloween Events

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Labyrinth — Have Something Beautiful, Something Special for your Corporate Events, Team Building, Kids Parties and even Halloween Events in Singapore

We at Electric Dreamz know how event lighting and decoration can really light up the party and create stunning visual impact to delight your guests with. One of the most mesmerizing and amazing features to create for an event is a labyrinth. A Labyrinth or maze is a complex network of pathways which is designed to make a person’s exit difficult. Not only does it look stunning as an event décor focus point, but it also serves as a party activity to entertain your guests.

The Labyrinth Idea

The Labyrinth originates from Greek mythology — this intricate structure was created to trap and confuse a legendary monster — the Minotaur. It is used in mystical practices as a tool for meditation and contemplation for its therapeutic effects. To enter in a single entrance and find the single exit and finishing point is a great activity for your guests to participate in. The design can can be as simple or as elaborate as is suitable to your guests.

Create The Labyrinth

For a glow in the dark party, have groups carry lanterns into a maze to light and find their way through the maze, especially fitting for a Halloween event activity where the creatures of the dark are lying in wait anxiously waiting for their victims.

Hidden Surprises

Be it a kids’ party or a corporate event such as a team building activity or even a Halloween event activity complete with nasty surprises waiting in hidden spaces within the maze to scare the next victim — the design possibilities are endless.

team building, kids activity idea singapore
Labyrinth - Amazing Team Building Games and Kids Activities Idea in Singapore

Create The Maze

To create the maze, you can pack it, paint it or build it. For a flat surface design — use stones, tiles or pack candles or lanterns. You can lay and tack LED lighting strips or tubes to landscape your walkway or even paint it with glow in the dark paint for a night-time event. You can completely transform a dull concrete surface into a magical labyrinth. The nice add-on benefit of creating a labyrinth is that it can become a permanent or semi-permanent feature which remains a talking point and activity long after the event. If you like the look of one in your backyard or garden, why not design it with the intention to keep it as a feature at your home.

The Benefits

As part of a corporate or team building event, such a structure can remain as a reminder of the specific event which was celebrated. It becomes a tool for interaction and will encourage employees and clients to continuously explore and engage with it as an activity. This unusual sight of a labyrinth in an office-building or company courtyard may create a lot more than the anticipated entertainment or decorative value it was designed for. It is a symbolic representation and re-enactment of our journey through life — with its sometimes difficult, sometimes easy pathways. It reminds us of our ability and internal resources to endure and pass through these unknown paths. It unites us in a common purpose and people report feelings of great release and calm upon participating in labyrinth walks.

Add Structure

A labyrinth can also be raised to obscure an aerial perspective — such as was typical with the intricate garden hedge-designs of the Renaissance period. The right team of event planners can erect temporary structures with materials like hay bales, yards of cloth, pinned and position with poles or hardboard sheets. The larger the event venue space and area, the more intricate the maze design can be.

Bear in mind that you don’t want your guests to get completely lost and never find the exit. Design it to look amazing and to be a fun activity. Enjoy the walk!

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