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Zoom Games You Can Play For Your Next Online Party Or Virtual Team Bonding

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

In some places around the world, cities are still held in quarantine. Schools are still holding online classes and companies still require their employees to work from home. While we are fighting the pandemic one step at a time, you can still hold online parties and have your online get-togethers wherever you are in the world. You can even organise a virtual team bonding event and have fun with your colleagues online through these fun zoom games. All you need is an online meeting room and a stable internet connection. You can also engage a #virtualteambonding or teambuilding event company if it is for your company.

Here are some games you can try with your friends, family or colleagues on your zoom get-togethers which are especially great for virtual team bonding events.

Online Bingo - Virtual Team Bonding Game

For this game, all participants must generate a Bingo Card. After which, everyone will be using the Bingo number caller site to play this game. It would be fun to give away prizes to participants especially if this is a virtual company team bonding event.

Show Me - Virtual Team Bonding Game

Bring me is a popular birthday game where guests have to bring an item announced by the host. The first one to bring the announced item will be the winner. It’s easy to play this game. But “Show Me” is an online game where the host will announce an item to be shown by the participants through zoom. The first one to show the item wins. Another variation of this team bonding game can be sending a selfie on a dedicated group chat with the item on hand. This is an entertaining team bonding game that both kids and adults can play either as an online party game or for a virtual team bonding event.

Skribbl - Virtual Team Bonding Game

Skribbl is an online game where one person has to draw a certain object and the other players will have to guess what the drawing is. Everyone will take turns drawing an item. To play this game, head on over to skribbl and create a room. Send the link to participants, choose how many rounds you’ll be playing, and customize your avatars. When everyone is already in the Skribbl room, then you can start playing. Have lots of fun and laughter with this great party or #virtualteambondinggame.

The Price is Right - Virtual Team Bonding Game

The host has to get ready pictures of random items from an online store and take note of the price of the item. Have these pictures presented in a slideshow and have the participants guess how much the item could be worth. The person who guessed the closest amount wins the game.

For a company virtual team bonding event, the winners can be rewarded with prizes from the pool of random items for which they guesses the correct prices on.

While we have to stay at home to stay safe during this pandemic and while social gatherings are still limited, we can still hold online parties or virtual team bonding events for companies to stay connected to our friends, family and colleagues. For company virtual team bonding events, you can engage a virtual team bonding event company to give you a hassle-free online experience. With these suggested games, even we’re all far apart, we can still bond together.

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