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3 Reasons On Why To Engage Event Management Companies For Your Events

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Event management companies are uniquely adapted, through extensive experience, right contacts and affiliations in the events industry, to deliver high quality and successful events at lower event costs as compared to, the costs that you will incur and the event services quality you might get if, without enough events experience, you decided to source and engage event suppliers, and organise an event on your own.

The 3 main factors that make an #eventmanagementcompany an attractive option to organise your events are:

  • Professional Service

  • Quality Event Services

  • Lower Event Costs




One of the key factors to guarantee successful events is event experience and knowledge. Having events industry experience means an event management company has the in-depth knowledge to to provide high quality professional service to clients.

An event management company through extensive experience in the events industry has in-depth knowledge to recommend you with right-fit event elements to guarantee you successful events.

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For example, in regards to type of sound system required for your event, an experienced event management company that has been provided with the event details, including event venue and the number of expected guests, will be able to propose the right-fit sound system to deliver high quality sound for your event guests.

Key event elements that can make or break events are AV equipment, including sound system and event lighting.

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Event management companies through the right event supplier contacts with proven track records, go a long way to guarantee you successful events.

Without or with little events experience, it would be impossible to ensure that the event suppliers engaged for your events can indeed deliver high quality services and provide high quality event elements.

For example, an event management company will not only be able to recommend the right-fit event lighting from a reliable AV rental company, they would be able to engage a professional, reliable and skilled event lighting programmer for awesome lighting effects for your events.

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An event management company can provide you with high quality event services for:

  • Event Packages

  • Event Elements

  • AV Rental Packages

  • Sound System

  • Event Lighting

  • LED Video Walls

  • Projectors

Here is more information on how to guarantee high quality services:

For quality sound system you will need,

  • Quality Sound System

  • Quality Sound Equipment Layout

  • Professional and Skilled Sound-man, Sound Technician or Event Deejay

For quality event lighting you will need,

  • Quality Event Lighting Equipment

  • Quality Lighting Layout

  • Professional and Skilled Lighting Programmer and Lighting Designer

For quality LED video wall and projector you will need,

  • Quality LED Wall and Projector

  • Quality Equipment Layout

  • Professional and Skilled Video Technician

For quality event elements and event packages you will need,

  • Right contacts to event suppliers with proven track records in the events industry

  • Right-fit event elements, including event entertainment, pre-event activities, professional and experienced Emcee, stage games and etc. that match your event theme and requirements



Event management companies can not only deliver quality events, they can offer low cost event services too.

Have you ever tried requesting quotes directly from event suppliers for your company events in Singapore?

Did you find it strange that the quotes received from the event suppliers were much higher than if you contacted an event company?

#Eventmanagementcompanies work with close contacts and affiliated companies in the events industry that they have established over a period of time in the events industry.

Event suppliers provide lower quotes for event management companies as they bring in regular business for them and this is the way to maintain mutually beneficial long-term business relationships for both the event suppliers and the event companies in Singapore.

Event costs are usually, depending on the event management company contacted, further reduced for event packages as for most event companies, the profit margin calculated is based on the overall package, indicated as event planning and management services rather then on each individual event item.

This lowers the event services costs even further for you.

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Creating Immersive Event Environments

Event management companies in Singapore can meet any of your needs and requirements and can work with the given budgets to create immersive event environments for awesome and memorable event experiences for your guests through infusing, event decoration, event sound and event lighting!

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About Electric Dreamz

Electric Dreamz is a professional, reliable and low cost event management company in Singapore, providing one stop quality solution for all live events, including social events and corporate events.

"Turning Dreams Into Reality Through Innovation And Creativity"

What makes for the ideal event management company?

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Electric Dreamz believes in 3 core values and we apply these in everything that we do:




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Thanks for taking the time and for the kind read. Have a great day!

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