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Why Are Event Management Companies Important And Will Stay Relevant In The Events Industry?

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Putting together a whole list of things and elements to come together perfectly is a big deal; especially when it comes to event management. This is generally what #eventcompanies do. Event companies with experienced event planners who have been in the events industry for a long time have invaluable skills relevant to event planning and management. If you think you can plan and execute your big corporate event or party all by yourself, its important that you first research and understand what is required and what you are getting yourself into!

Hosting an event has become more challenging due to higher clients' expectations such as increased marketing and coverage, higher attendance, hassle-free perfectly executed events, tighter budgets and more. Organising a memorable party that satisfies the needs and expectations of both the host and attendees is difficult to achieve when the event planner and party planner lacks the experience and relevant events industry contacts to make the magic happen. Here are some things to consider that explain why hiring an #eventmanagementcompany makes a lot of difference and is key to guaranteeing successful events.

Things that make an event management company vital to event success.

Professional Touch From An Event Company Boosts Corporate Image

The vibe of an event is judged in the first few minutes once one sets foot into an event or party. If the overall setup is off-putting, one's expectations of an event will be severely jeopardized even if you have excellent programmes coming up or the food is top-notch. The success of a well planned event actually begins when you get your guests pleasantly surprised by the arrangements made for them and get them curious about what is next. This is literally the secret of successful event and party planners who strive to execute events and parties that go beyond their clients' expectations!

They are always in the know of what things to and include in the events and parties to get the crowd excited, depending on the type of event and audience. Any kind of event such as Wedding Reception, Birthday Party, Bachelor/Bachelorette party, Corporate event, or Grand Opening Day event needs to have basic event elements included such as decorations, light and sound, stage setup, food & drinks and etc. Even though an independent host may be able to make the necessary arrangements for these event elements, an event management company does it in style that dazzles the audience as well as make the host happy on their special day! An experienced event and party planner from an event company, through their in-depth knowledge through years in the events industry, with their understanding of what is required, is able to guarantee memorable hassle-free events for your guests!

If you are looking at a corporate event for a grand opening or product launch, the major factor is the focus the event should bring to the brand you are trying to build and market. A well executed event is a sign of good reputation and image, that should turn some heads and get people talking good things about it! For example, a reputed #eventcompany knows what to do to launch your product or brand by introducing promotions through influencers and includes other marketing strategies depending on the goals that are required to be achieved based on the given budget. You may also wish to read up on our past blog titled 'Is there a foolproof methodology used by event companies that can be applied to guarantee successful events?'.

Licenses and Regulations - Event Companies Take Your Headaches Away

If you are an amateur party host or event planner who wishes to organise an indoor or outdoor event, it will be a good idea to read up on the relevant regulations and laws. If your event is taking place at a venue that needs pre-authorization from government officials or consent from property management companies that manage the event venues, it is vital to make sure that you get all the required approvals and authorisations in place long before the event day. In Singapore, the usage of fireworks, tapping of electricity through the right allocated power points, volume control after specified time at night, working above 3 metres height and et cetera are some of the major areas that can carry potential surprises. When you engage an event company in Singapore, not only will they take care of all these licensing issues, but it also relieves you of the tiresome and tedious job of preparing the necessary paperwork.

You can also end up going over budget especially when you require specialised professional services such as from an LEW (licensed electrical worker), as event companies who have close long-term working relationships are charged special low rates which is part of why they are able to offer attractively priced event planning and management packages. You may also be interested to read up on our past blog titled '5 important things to acquire best quotes for your events needs and packages'.

Sit back and Relax - Let Event Companies Handle Everything For You

Once you have briefed event companies in Singapore about your requirements, they will come up with an attractive proposal and preliminary quotation for your event or party. They also have contacts of other service providers in the field which means, it will help to get things done at a faster pace. From event planning and management, event equipment rental, LED video wall rental, event lighting rental, event sound rental to equipment setup, professional AV equipment management, and event teardown, a professional event company will take care of everything without troubling you. If you have a large scale event, you might need additional manpower to manage the guests and take up any other task that may require more special attention. You would need an awesome event crew to help you through these hectic tasks and you would also need professional AV technicians so you need not worry about the audiovisual technical and logistics matters, all of which will be handled by the event company that you have engaged for your event. You may also wish to read out past blog titled '9 key points that make an event company in Singapore the right choice for your events'.

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Even though it is exciting to plan and manage an event yourself, it comes with a ton of unnecessary tension and headaches associated with it which can ruin your peace of mind and which in turn might even affect the end-result, especially if you are an amateur with limited experience. If you are still contemplating the dilemma of choosing between planning and managing the event all by yourself and sourcing for an event company to handle everything for you, you can start by shortlisting a list of potential event companies you might consider and read up on what they are about and what they offer.

Here is a short video on some of event company's latest events.


Electric Dreamz is a one stop solution event management company that can cater to any event support service requirements, with a proven track record in the events industry with outstanding client reviews and glowing references. We offer complete event packages and can handle everything from event planning and management to event rentals. Through our extensive events industry contacts and close affiliations and long-term working relationship with event vendor companies and with our sister companies, we can offer everything that you will ever need at an attractive rate. At Electric Dreamz our goal is always to strive to exceed clients' expectations in everything that we do.

Here is a fun video by out event company on the benefits of engaging an event company for your events.

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Here are is another short video on some of our event company's events.

Feel free to contact us through email at or call us at +65 6683 9541. Visit us at Electric Dreamz for more about our event company. Have an event coming up? Contact us now for a free quote.


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