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Steps Involved For Event Planning, Management and Production By An Event Company

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

There are many steps that an event company takes to from start to finish to ensure successful and hassle-free events. This includes the event planning, management and production phases.

Choosing the right event company goes a long way to guarantee successful and memorable events. One of the most essential traits that an event company must have is experience which means having the right event manager, event crew and AV technicians who have excellent track records in the events industry.

Here is fun video that touches on the main stages from start to finish.

Here are the 6 main stages that an event company goes through from start to finish that includes event planning, management and production.

1. Event Company and Client Meeting and Venue Survey

Upon initiation of contact, a meeting/appointment is usually setup and preferably at the event venue so the #eventcompany can get a clear idea of client's needs and requirements. Usually a meeting at the event venue is preferred however, the event venue survey can also be conducted separately at a different date and time. Understanding the layout of the event venue is important to the event company to have a clear idea of its limitations and the event venue management rules and regulations.

Experienced #eventcompanies usually already have an idea of the layouts of the more popular event venues as they probably have managed past events at these venues.

2. Event Planning

After getting all the necessary information on client's requirements, budget and venue details, an event company then starts working on coming up with the complete list of proposed event elements and costs. After which an quotation and/or proposal is submitted to the client for approval.

For big events, an event company sometimes might have to conduct a presentation for the appointed client committee members and/or decision-makers to explain in more detail each event element that has been included in the quotation and/or event proposal.

3. Event Delivery

After acceptance and confirmation of quotation, the event company manager assigned to the event and client goes about assigning event crew, delivery drivers and managing logistics.

If the the event company has more than one big event on that same day, they sometimes might even have to outsource for manpower and event equipment. This is why sometimes event companies offer early confirmation discounts to clients. This allows them to book those dates early and as an early bird ensures that there is no need for additional costs for outsourced event elements.

4. Event Setup, Testing and Rehearsals

Event equipment delivery, setup and testing usually takes place on the same day. Event equipment delivery by an event company can be early on event day or even a few days before event if there are rehearsals to take place. Sometimes it is not possible to deliver and setup on event day as the event starts early. As such delivery and setup takes place a day before event.

Upon delivery of event equipment to event venue, the event setup crew go about setting up the equipment according to instructions from their event manager and experienced AV technicians. They will usually be briefed before event day on the layout and where the different event equipment are supposed to be placed to ensure high quality delivery of the AV equipment.

Upon completion of the setup, testing is conducted by the AV technicians usually with the client present.

5. Event Management and Production

On the event day, the event manager coordinates and manages the different event components which includes event activities, AV components and the event host to ensure a hassle-free and high quality event. The vendors that event companies usually engage are those who have worked with them before and as such have a good understanding with the event company's event manager and event crew.

This ensures high quality event delivery from start to finish. The best event companies always strive to exceed their clients' expectations.

6. Event Teardown

After completion of event, the event manager oversees the event teardown. He has to ensure every item is accounted for. Some event venues charge a cleaning fee which is usually already included the event venue fees paid by the clients.

Event companies during the teardown period usually do some cleanup sometimes with the assistance of the event venue staff.


Here is a fun event setup video by our event company.

Here is another video by our event company on some of our past events.

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