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Are You Ready To Host Live Events Or Are Looking For An Event Company For It?

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Last year around April to May 2020, we were forced to stay in our homes during the pandemic circuit breaker in Singapore. All social gatherings were cancelled or suspended indefinitely. Events were also not allowed to proceed. More than a year has passed and we currently finally have a rollout of the vaccine. An #eventcompany must always keep up-to-date on the latest regulations to ensure compliance and to keep everyone safe.

Here are things event companies should know for live events during the pandemic.

Covid-10 Pandemic

While live events are slowly coming back to life with some very strict restrictions and procedures to follow like having to observe proper social distancing and follow regulations set by our local government. Family and friends were starting to go on trips like cruises and small-scale events were starting to pop up. However, due to a rise in community unlinked cases recently, tighter measures were implemented and only on 21st June 2021 were some of these restrictions eased. Though we still have a long way to go to return back to pre-Covid-19 times. #Eventcompanies have been severely affected during this period of restrictions and many have made the pivot to virtual events.

Small Scale Events

Event companies, organizers, and suppliers are now getting ready to return to live events. In the near future, there will be more people considering holding live events. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other private events will be held more frequently albeit, for a start, at a smaller scale and with proper safe distancing measures. Even if we are see the rise of more private events, we still need to be careful and set expectations according to the current environment. If you are looking to engage an event company ensure that they are up-to-date about the latest procedures and regulations.

Live Feed Events

Not many people will be comfortable attending live events. There will be people who’ll be declining live event invites to stay safe. But, that’s okay. As we shift to virtual live events, you can set up an option for people to join the live feed of the event on a virtual event platform to get them engaged too.You can either research on which is the best virtual event online platform to use or engage an event company to ensure a hassle-free event from start to finish.

Covid-19 Protocols For Events

As we organize live events, we need to add safety protocols to our priority list. Everyone from the event staff to attendees will still be required to wear their masks at all times. Choose event companies or audiovisual rental companies for your lights and sounds equipment and other event services who also follow safety protocols and who are up-to-date on current requirements. Your food servers should also be tested negative for COVID-19 prior to any event. On your invites for guests, make sure that you have clear instructions on how they can protect themselves during the event and what are the procedures laid out to ensure a high level of safety for everyone involved. The event venue you choose should also have proper ventilation. It is even advisable to hold these events at outdoor event spaces.

Event Planning

There are added procedures and guidelines we need to follow that will make our events cost more. The event planning stage for the event may also be longer and require more detailed planning this time for live events. But, if this will make sure that all our guests and events staff are safe, then all these procedures are worth it and must be followed through thoroughly. Research on what the standard protocols are in your area for holding live events. Feel free to visit the Ministry of Health website for more information on Pre-Event Testing.

Live Events

Live events are still preferred for social events such as weddings and birthdays. Humans are social beings that’s why we love social gatherings. There’s nothing like being able to see your loved ones reach a certain milestone in life. Sure, virtual events have helped us stay together while we’re all far apart. But, live events still hit differently. We can see people’s true reactions when we’re face to face. We can form valuable and lasting memorable connections when we’re together in live events.

Event Management

Remember that we don’t need to rush and push live events immediately. Safety is still our priority in organizing events. In the meantime, while we gradually return to live events, learn the different ways you can hold live events safely by using live feeds on virtual reality platforms. Ask your local government about safety protocols. Do the necessary research on latest requirements and procedures. Make sure that the event management company you engage for event services also know how to operate safely while we’re gradually moving back to live events especially after the vaccination efforts have been rolled out and reach 75% or more of vaccinated population.


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