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Keys to Successful Virtual Events by Event Companies

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Lockdown restrictions all over the world are starting to loosen up now that more people are getting vaccinated. While we can’t wait to hold and attend in-person events after this pandemic, we have seen the rising demand for #virtualevents. Seminars became webinars and clients and #eventcompanies have had to change their strategies for events. We have seen a change in the target market’s behaviors during this pandemic. We have seen more users spend their time online and different platforms are popularly used to accommodate the need for human connection and learning new things. We have witnessed the rise of Zoom and other online meeting platforms not just in the workplace but also in online social gatherings. We have learned so much from organizing virtual events in the past months.

Here is a list of how an event company makes a virtual event successful:

1. A driven, talented, and passionate virtual events team from an established event company

Before the pandemic, there were already event companies who specialise in organizing virtual events. Webinars were already a thing even before the pandemic. Webinars are used as an option to reach out to the international audience without having to travel anywhere around the world. It gives us flexibility on how to present ideas and sell them to the target audience in the most convenient way possible.

For a virtual event to be successful, you should be working with a reliable event team. Of course, you can’t do it all yourself. But, having the right system and right people from the right #virtualeventcompany will bring your vision into reality. Expertise is necessary and you’ll be working together a lot with your selected event company's events team. So, it’s important to not just choose people with the right skill set but also people who have impeccable work ethic with a solid track record in the events industry.

2. Virtual Events Platform

There are a lot of online meeting platforms that you can use especially for webinars and online meetings. It’s best that you research on these platforms and don’t settle for less than what you need. Your virtual events platform should accommodate what you need. Evaluate if the price of this platform is worth all the features available. Choosing a virtual events platform is all about finding the perfect fit that is tailored for your needs.

3. Events related marketing strategies to promoting products and services

If you are organizing a webinar or an online summit, you should use social media platforms as part of your marketing campaigns along with email marketing. Many people now are online and rely on social media for many things. You can shop, learn, receive funding for charities, and a lot of things through multiple platforms. Undoubtedly, to reach out to the target audience, you can run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and LinkedIn. Always think about what value are you going to give to your audience or how will the webinar help them. When this is what’s on top of your head, you are looking at a successful virtual event that meets your goals and targets. Highlight the strength of the webinar you’re going to advertise and layout what the audience should expect. With an effective marketing strategy, you will be sure to rock that next virtual event. For hassle-free virtual events, you can engage professional event companies to handle everything for you.


For more of our event company blogs on virtual events, check out our previous blogs. To find out more about who we are and what we do feel free to visit us at Electric Dreamz where we turn dreams into reality through innovation and creativity.

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