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How A Professional Event Planner Makes An Event A Success

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

There are many things to consider when you are planning a private or corporate event. The key to making your event successful relies a lot on the planning stage. As an event planner, you have the final call to who your event suppliers will be and for accomplished #eventplanners, they usually already have a group of companies working with them to provide a one stop solution. You have to communicate with different people and delegate tasks. You have to think about the timeline. You have to adjust along the way and think fast on your feet in case of emergencies to always expect the unexpected. These are just a few of the things you have to think about as an #eventplanner. But, don’t fret, all the hard work will be worth it once you finally see that you’ve launched the event successfully.

The execution part of the event will be easy if proper preparations are done. So, this is why we will be breaking down what it takes to make an event successful into '5 Ws': Who, What, When, Where, and Why.

Here are the things event planners must know to make the event a success.

Who is the event for?

The target audience should always be on top of the list when planning for an event. Think about what their age group is, how many will be attending, what their demographics are. As an event planner when you know who the event is for, all the other details you’ll need to pay attention to will be easier. Event related decisions will also be easier to make.

What are the things I need for the event?

What event equipment and services will we be needing? What can make this event special? What will make this event memorable for the audience? Identify the different elements you will be needing as you start planning for your event. Have a list of items or even a checklist and check your list one by one as you go through every item to ensure you have given every event item careful consideration and ensuring your are within your budget too. Professional event planners are able to work out event costs very quickly as they have all the information at hand. Event planners who are connected and work closely with a group of companies are also able to provide very competitive rates which then brings down the overall event costs.

When is the event?

A once in a lifetime event takes a lot of planning, meeting, and coordination. Knowing when the event is taking place gives you an idea of how many days or weeks you will be working on the details and how much time you have on working different suppliers and team members. This will also help you identify what resources you can provide in the given amount of time.

Where is the event?

Knowing where the event will be held will help event planners identify what kind of audiovisual equipment will be required. Will the event venue fit all the guests comfortably? Is the event indoors or outdoors? If the event is going to be held outdoors, think about emergency plans when it rains or when the weather is not in your favor. Or if you have already included a tentage in your event budget. If the event is indoors, think about where the emergency exits are. This will also help you with a layout where the tables, chairs, sound system, and stage will be placed. In the current covid-19 pandemic times, ensure that you have met all the necessary requirements such as swap testing, temperature taking, the guests limit and safe distancing measures.

Why is this event being planned?

This is the important part of the event. Event planners planning for a party or corporate event must know why the event is being organized. Is the event organized to celebrate a success or a milestone? Is the event planned for gathering professionals? Is the event organized for a holiday? Take note of the details of why a milestone is celebrated, what are the traditions for celebrating a holiday, and what key elements of the event will be needed. This will also be important to ensure the theme matches the type of event that is being organized.

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