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This Is How Event Companies Create Outstanding Mood Boards For Events

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

A mood board is such an invaluable component to creating an unforgettable event. A mood board is an assembly of key images, color charts and samples of textures, either on a physical board or book, or in a digital form. If you are planning an event, big or small, corporate or private, it is essential to commit and formulate your ideas and thoughts into a visual or tangible form.

How Do Event Companies Create Amazing Mood Boards?

Be Inspired!

Experts from event companies will be able to assemble and propose such a board to you after consulting with you and receiving a brief on your event vision. A mood board will not only inspire you during the process of creation but also help you to communicate exactly what you want to the #eventcompany you choose to work with.

Although the internet can be a mass resource of inspiration for weddings, parties and events, do not dismiss the exercise of physically going out and seeking traditional forms of inspiration. Great sources of inspiration can be fabric stores for textures and colors, stationary shops for printed versions of craft materials which resembles a likeness to your desired look and feel.

Use Your Your Other Senses!

Use your senses, touch and feel things. Don’t forget to use your sense of smell, spend a bit of time at markets and fares — this might give you inspiration for your menu as well as design. Visit a library or bookstore, book covers can be a wealth of inspiration for design, look at different fonts and text. Even garden nurseries or natural parks can offer inspiration in terms of colors and textures within nature you may photograph or collect. Look at this traditional process as a pre-design phase to creating your mood board, as you can match a digital version to the items of inspiration you drew from this exercise.

Get Creative!

All the while this may be a fun part of event planning by event companies, you may become overwhelmed with ideas. Remember that you will ultimately have to condense it down to a clear and communicable concept which can give your event decorator clear direction. Firstly, gather existing elements, this might be photos of the couple to be, if it is a wedding — or — product images and branding materials, if it is a product launch. All these elements you have collected, photographs, clippings, links, images and color swatches — can be considered as the raw ingredients for your board.

Time To Prioritize!

You must now prioritize these elements in order of dominance and importance. Size and scale your elements to equally reflect the level of function and importance you wish it to play in your event theme. A good way to help you get direction and establish hierarchy, is to choose a heading or title for your mood board creation. Next week, we will look at the different software programs for designing exciting and creative mood boards.

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