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You Need To Set The Mood When You Set The Date

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

A Good Invite Will Make A Great Party

Save the date! Having a baby shower, dinner party, birthday or getting married? Expert event planners understand the importance of good invitation design as well as the value it holds to enhance the experience even before it actually begins. The team at Electric Dreamz believe that the party begins with the invite, before the actual event happens. An event invitation sets the mood — creates anticipation and stirs up excitement in your guests. This is the first warm-up in a three-part blog — all about invitations — we will explore 2019 trends, different media options and also touch on the psychological benefits behind creating expectations.

The Party Invite

Think about it, a performer is announced by a enthralling prelude, the stage curtains open with a drum roll, the bride walks at a famously measured pace, before she stops in full view to be admired by her groom — a celebration is set off by a kiss. Event invitations can be bold, classy, funny, business-like or sentimental. The invite sets a particular tone to match the occasion. You have probably seen those banner sky-ads, flown by a plane — this is of course too extreme for a house party or engagement party — but start to think out of the box.

Things To Include In Event Invitations

An invite is critical to inform your guests about the important details of your party, the event date, time and venue. Remember that some details might seem obvious to you but not to your guests. The clearer the information — the better prepared your guests can be to simply enjoy the party. Don’t forget to stipulate details about the dress code or the party theme. A tricky detail is how to tactfully and politely guide your guests into the right direction in terms of what gifts would be the most suitable and welcome. The days are gone when people care to waste their hard-earned money — or hosts can afford to be stuck with unwanted gifts. Now is the time to make people aware of a gift registry if you have one. Now is the time to be clear about adding a plus one and whether or not children are welcome to join.

Over The Top Invites

An event invite can be both extravagant and over the top — ‘OTT‘— some love a bit of crazy! People have done crazy things to announce an invitation to their guests. It could be a knock-on-the-door professional clown, dress-up fairy or cowboy who does a song and dance ceremoniously hand delivering the invite. It could be beautifully crafted boxes with pop-ups or 3D-designs. However, in the digital day and age of now — the sky is the limit!

Digital Event Invitations

We have advanced greatly from the old ink and pen and blotting paper. You can personalize your invitations by making use of a professional photographer then incorporate the images in your design. Current software and social media platforms not only allow for boundless creativity but can also manage the invitation distribution, attendance registers and communications regarding updates or changes.

The added benefit of electronic invitations is of course to remain as paperless as possible for the sake of the environment. The idea after all is to have a party — not to chop down a rain forest. In next week's blog will go into some more detail about paperless options.

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