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Revealing Now What Is In — In The World Of Event Invitations

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Had Enough Of Boring Event Invites — Keep Up With The Times

When you want to design a fantastic invitation for your special occasion, party or wedding — you might be stuck for ideas or spoilt for choice. The Electric Dreamz team will share some 2019 invitation trends with you to help you put together a class-act invite. Like most expert event planners and event companies in Singapore, we design our own event invitations for digital and print medium and can conjure up almost anything our clients desire.

In last week’s blog we touched on the significance of receiving a hand-held invite and the joy it gives to your invitees. Remember that it is not necessarily a choice between paper or electronic invitations. Paper is a great way to announce an event and get your guests to save the date, whilst also serving as a physical reminder. Use electronic event invitations and media platforms as a means to follow up, create reminders or create a bit of a hype after the paper invites.

Event tip — Create a digital RSVP option in your paper invitation to direct and introduce your guests to your chosen platform. It is much easier to manage attendance and gift registries through good invitation and event software.

So — what’s hot!? Personalize, personalize, personalize — this cannot be stressed enough. Incorporate personal photographs of the celebrated individual or couple in your event invitations, be it print or digital. Enlarge and make the focus text bold or stand out — to better explain; do not size or format your fonts all the same. Identify the focus points and words in your invite and highlight specific letters or text. This will deliver the key statement intended for the event.


marcy & steve

ties the knot

celebrate our LOVE and Share in our Happiness

SHE arrived

It's a GIRL

Fatima & Jadesh

invites you ....

WE made it

OUR 40th Wedding Anniversary

Get the picture?

Check out the latest trends and do some research by simply 'Googling It'! No time or do you prefer professionals to handle it? Event companies and event planners usually keep themselves up-to-date with the latest trends and can get their experienced designers to produce amazing and beautiful event invitations for your guests. Provide them with a theme, especially if you have themed event decoration or, let them propose some ideas for you. Then just wait for the magic to happen!

Invite Colors

Choosing the right colours for your event invites is important. Crisp whites and light clean tones are taking a backseat this year. Don’t be shy — for backgrounds use darker colors — black, burgundy or navy — then offset it with some lighter tone or metallic fonts. Metallic fonts are very in. Rose-gold, silver, gold and the most popular of all metallics now is COPPER — you can also mix IT uP.

Invite Designs and Patterns

Choose very leafy botanical designs, tropical plants and add a geometrical design or shape. Floral wreaths and hoops encircling modern text fronts are very hip. Another in-thing is hand-painted cards and patterned envelope liners, the bit of soft wrapping paper sneaked into the envelope along with the invite.

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