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Grand Opening Day Ideas: 5 Things Event Planners Include For Planning Successful Events

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Grand Opening Day Ceremonies and Product Launch Events important days for any business to create awareness of your businesses and products especially when it comes to branding. It is essential to ensure that the back-end is in order. Here are 5 important basic points that you should take into consideration when planning for your grand opening and product launch days. You may also wish engage a professional #eventplanner to plan and manage your entire event to craft you hassle-free events. Event companies have the ability to make any event a success through their vast experience in the events industry.

Grand openings can be for any type of business such as for a,

  • restaurant

  • hotel

  • factory

  • retail shop

  • office

and etc.

Product launch can be for any kind of new product in your company that you wish to promote to the public.

Here are the 5 important things that event planners include for planning grand opening day events and product launch day events.

Special Grand Opening Day Invitations

First and foremost, special attention should be paid on how you can attract good attendance to your grand openings and product launch day events. Details like event venue, date, time and even your branding and theme should be indicated in your invitation. There are many different invitation formats you can use such as invitation cards, email invitation or even video invites. For business who already have existing potential clients and customers, for a higher budget, you can arrange hand-delivery of your invites accompanied by a gift to make it extra special!

You can also consider reaching out to those in your immediate vicinity and area through a professional and reliable flyer distribution service that use experienced promoters. For it to be more effective, you can include special promotional discounts in these flyers to get a better response for your grand opening and product launch day events. The design, theme and the right precise and attractive message are important things to consider for your flyers or you can leave everything to your preferred event planner that you have engaged for your event.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an also an important tool to reach out to more people and to create awareness of the new business or product. If you have your own social media page such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram and etc, you can delegate and experienced staff to handle the marketing of your grand opening day or product launch day events. You may also choose to get it handled professionally by an event planner or a social media marketing company to ensure successful response and promotion of your brand online.

Grand Opening and Product Launch Day Event Setups

It is important to have the right event elements included in your grand opening day and product launch day events to make it memorable and grand. The event setups should be done in a way that will complement your program flow which will give a more immersive experience for your guests. You can consider including event elements such as,

  • backdrop

  • stage

  • LED wall

  • sound system

  • lighting

  • decoration

  • launch mechanism

  • special effects AV equipment

  • custom fabrication (according to theme or product)

and etc.

Event Host And Entertainment

Engaging the right event host can be tricky due to the different personalities and styles that event emcees have and depending on your unique needs and requirements. For this, it is recommended that you leave it to the event planner that you engage to provide you with a shortlist of recommended event hosts that you can choose from. For higher budget, you can also include event entertainment for your guests to enjoy such as, including

  • lion dances

  • light shows

  • dances

and etc.

Videographer And Photographer

Often overlooked, engaging a professional videographer and photographer is important for grand opening and product launch day events. The raw photos and videos gathered from these events will go long way for use in future publicity and promotion materials. This is why event planners always make it a point to include these in their event packages for their clients.


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