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4 Important Things for Grand Opening and Product Launch Day Events

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

How to face-lift your brand through outdoor events - Grand Openings and Product Launches

Formation of a company can be easy, but establishing the brand in the market is challenging. There are hundreds of competitors in the market for every product and service, but the success of a brand depends on well-planned brand promotion. An effective marketing strategy is to do this through outdoor and roadshow events. Brand awareness is required to introduce a company as a brand to the public, and this can be done through brand promotion. Be it a business grand opening or a product launch, outdoor events such as roadshows, can do wonders for your brand. To ensure success and to take your headaches away, it is advisable to engage an experienced event company.

An event is an effective marketing tool where you find the target audience, making them aware of your products and services through engaging prints and visuals. Most importantly, this also helps to generates new leads and customers for your new business or product.

Here we share some ideas on how to promote your Grand Opening or Product Launch Day through roadshow events

Outdoor events such as roadshows are a high point of interest for the public at large. You must have witnessed a roadshow which is crowded and attracting a lot of attention. Such successful events can be efficiently planned and executed by event management companies in Singapore. However, an event can also fail to meet its goals if it is managed badly by inexperienced staff through poor planning. This is why it is recommended to engage an experienced event company for your grand opening and product launch events. Here is more on how an event management company works to ensure hassle-free and productive events.

Choosing the right roadshow event venue

The first and foremost thing is to select the right event venue or space for the event. The right event venue adds value to the event and is key to a successful event. For example, if your your business is kids education, selecting a kid-friendly event venue or space ensures that you can reach the right target audience where there is expected parents and kids footfall in the vicinity. You can also plan for the roadshow to be held during public holidays at a shopping mall where parents and kids are expected to be. This ensures you can reach out to more parents through the increased quality footfall for your roadshow. Choosing the wrong space can be detrimental to the success of your event.

Hiring the right event brand promoters

The event promoters who convey your message to the onlookers and influences them to engage and experience the roadshow event play a vital role throughout the event. Let's take the same example of a child education event. When hiring brand promoters for child education, we must look for people who have a friendly attitude, can get along with children, and ideally who also have interest and knowledge about the subject. It is always essential to train and brief the event brand promoters about your brand or product before the outdoor event. This helps them to gain confidence and be knowledgeable to answer every query that comes their way.

Distributing flyers with attractive content

Flyers and pamphlets are the primary source of written communication during events. It is a common sight in Singapore, especially at vicinity of shopping malls and busy areas with high human traffic, that a promoter is handing out a business or product flyer to the passersby, and of passerby avoiding that general area to avoid contact with the promoter. However, creating an attractive design and interesting content can add magic to the whole scene. Passerby will start mingling around the promoter reading the attractive content of the flyers being distributed, which in turn attracts more curious people. This will reach out to more people and create more brand awareness and get more attendees and audience for your roadshow events. For effective flyer distribution by event and brand promoters, coming up with ideas on new and attractive designs for your prints and including engaging content such as discounts and promotional offers for your grand opening and product launch day event, will guarantee success for your event. Engage a flyer distribution service from an event company with professional event promoters carry themselves professionally and also ensure that the right target audience is reached.

Promoting through social media marketing

In this digital age, social media plays a vital role in any marketing and promotional activity. Most of the time, people are stuck with their mobile and spend long hours surfing on their computers too. So when they see an advertisement for an event which which peaked their interest, they will browse through it and may even forward it to their friends and family. Social media marketing plays an important role today as it is cheap, reaches a wide audience, and is less time-consuming. Through social media you can spread the awareness of your events by including details such as venue, date and time of your events, special promotional offers and discounts, and a brief of the event.

Organising a small scale or massive event like roadshows and outdoor events may seem like an easy task however, the devil is in the details!

Experienced #eventmanagementcompanies appoint dedicated and passionate staff to plan and management events. The steps mentioned are just some of the tools used by an event management company to ensure success and to reach your event goals. Be it a product launch or grand opening of your store, event companies are equipped with the necessary tools, to guarantee successful events.


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