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5 Great Ideas for Grand Opening Ceremony and New Product Launch in Singapore

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Do you have an upcoming grand opening ceremony or new product launch event?

Are you looking for great ideas for opening ceremony or product launch events that can ensure and guarantee success?

Grand openings and new product launch events require lots of pre-event preparation and work to guarantee success.

Here are 5 great ideas for opening ceremony and new product launch events that can guarantee you success:

  • Targeting The Right Audience

  • Inviting The Right Guests

  • Engaging The Right Event Company

  • Engaging The Right Social Media Marketing Company

  • Engaging Professional Photographers and Videographers



Most audiences are reached out through VIP invitations and through event promotion media advertisements. If you want to extend your reach, distributing leaflets and giving-out brochures at places where there is heavy human traffic is what you would normally do.

However, this sometimes, depending on the nature of the new business and the type of new product, might not reach out to the right audience.

For example, take for instance, as shown in the video, you are having a new organic cat food product launch, if you paid a leaflet distributing company you might be able to distribute the leaflets in high quantity, but will these be effective in reaching out to the right people?

What if you engaged a group of marketeers to reach out directly to pet shops and offer them attractive promotions after presenting your awesome product?

What if you engaged a social media marketing company to reach out through the social media?

How about a 3-prong marketing strategy?

  • Leaflet distribution to general public

  • Expert and professional marketeers representing your product approaching pet shops, making appointments with decision-makers and distributing product brochures with attractive product package discounts and invitation to the grand opening ceremony and new product launch event

  • Social media marketing company reaching out through social media like Facebook, twitter and etc



One of the most important things to achieving success in grand opening ceremony and new product launch is through inviting the right event guests and valuable potential customers to your event!

The key is in the message given through the various event marketing and promotion campaigns.

For example, here is what I recommend:

Leaflet Advertising

For the leaflet distribution to the general public, I would concentrate on product advertisement, visibility and possibly direct them to your website where they can:

  • learn more about this awesome product

  • watch an online video

  • claim their product discount

The message in the leaflets must be short, catchy and right to the point as the average person upon seeing a lengthy message in a leaflet will be looking for only one thing, the bin!

The heading and first sentence of the leaflet will have to catch their attention and keep their attention! This is what professional marketing companies do for you!

Here is great blog by Georgina El Morshdy on:

Alternatively, for a more effective way of informing the public and promoting your product and business you may even do a series of roadshows at prominent and busy locations.

Engage an event company, tell them what you need, share with them your goals, provide them with a budget and watch them work their magic!

Event Marketing To Valuable Potential Customers

In the case of a new pet shop or new cat food product, if you do not already have a team of salesmen and saleswomen who can also make a list of all the pet shops and pet suppliers in a country, you should consider engaging a professional marketing company to provide you with this valuable information (they usually even acquire the business owner and decision-maker information) and do the important legwork for you.

Agree to a set of goals, for example what is the minimum number of grand opening ceremony and new product launch event attendees you are looking at, some marketing companies may even provide you with a list of potential attendees for you to agree upon or alternatively, if you already have a list of potential valuable customers, you may provide this list to the marketing company too.


  1. If you are an existing business who are launching a new product, you already have a list of clients and consumers, which means you can probably skip this step and send out invitations to existing clients only.

  2. You may wish to reach out to other potential clients and provide them with the opportunity to attend this new product launch too. In this case, you can decide to share all relevant information, your needs and your goals clearly with the marketing company to ensure both of you are on the same page, to guarantee 100% success!

What can marketing companies do for you?

Marketing Companies can:

  • design for you a marketing plan

  • can offer brochure design and if you have not come up with a logo design (for a new business), they can professionally design one for you too

  • provide you with a guarantee on the number of attendees based on their researched valuable potential customer list, a minimum event guests attendance guarantee which, can also include invitees from the list of potential clients you have provided them

  • create the right catchy and attractive message, and conduct presentations to the list of potential clients when they pay visits to these shops and companies to meet up with the decision-makers

  • create an event website or a business website if you are a new business

  • design your product label

  • assist in branding

  • even come up with creative ways to attract attention and present your promotional packages to encourage them to attend this grand opening ceremony and new product launch, for example, a few days before the grand opening ceremony and new product launch event, they can sent out catchy video invitations, through email or phone messages to remind the attendees of this grand event!

Here is a blog by Laura Lake on:



Engaging the right event company is crucial to ensure successful grand opening ceremony and new product launch events. You will need not just a professional event company but one that can provide excellent personalised service.

There are 4 things you must know before contacting an event company:

  1. The date or dates of the event - update them on the number of roadshows that you require before the actual grand opening ceremony and new product launch event, if any.

  2. Your needs and requirements.

  3. Product and Business information or direct them to your website with relevant information.

  4. Your budget for the entire event.

Ideally, you will want to engage an event company that can provide you with a one stop solution and who work with professional marketing companies and social media marketing companies, who can offer you the whole package.

What other event services can an event company offer for grand opening ceremony and new product launch events, including roadshows?

Event companies through experience offer reliable event services and will engage event suppliers and AV suppliers who have excellent and proven track records in the events industry.

Event companies can offer you all-round full event services, including:

  • Pre-event Registration and On-site Event Registration

  • AV Rental and Event Equipment Rental

  • Event Decorations and themes that match with your product and message

  • Event crew and Manpower

  • Professional Lighting Programmers and Lighting Designers

  • Professional Deejays

  • Professional Event Hosts / Event Emcees

  • Event Entertainment

  • VIP Transport Arrangements

  • Hotel Arrangements

  • Event Entertainment - Depending on the budget, these can be well-known local and international entertainers

  • Event Catering Services

  • Event Invitations / Invites

  • Corporate Gifts and Promotional Package Ideas

  • Event Security

  • Event Photography and Videography Services

  • Social Media Marketing and Management Service

  • Event Marketing Service

  • Product Branding

Here is another blog by Electric Dreamz on:



If you have a professional and expert social media savvy employee, you can delegate him or her to do this job on a full-time basis, this includes:

  1. Promoting your new business and new product with attractive promotion ideas and discounts through blogs and posts on your company's social media site.

  2. Create and manage a business opening ceremony and new product launch event website.

  3. After the event, to engage potential leads gained through your grand opening, product launch and roadshows, and continue to gain new followers through continuous interaction on your company social media sites.

Should you not have any existing staff or employees capable of working on this on a full-time basis or should you not have any existing staff or employees with in-depth knowledge of social media marketing, the alternative would be to engage a social media marketing company to do it for you.

Post-Event Client Retention and Leads Follow-up Ideas

Work on client retention ideas, for example, by sending out catchy festive greetings and latest promotion packages, or by engaging an event company to prepare a package that includes video greetings and even hand delivering of gift baskets with special messages or 2-3 minutes mini performances that is guaranteed to catch their attention and be appreciated for the effort made.

Here is an interesting blog by Mark Walker on:



Engaging professional photographers and videographers for grand opening ceremony and new product launch events go a long way to yield more benefits after your event.

Professionally taken high quality photographs and videos can be used to spread the word on your new business and new product even more effectively, through updating your website and posting blogs and post on your company's social media sites.

Here is a must-read blog by Andy Crestodina on:


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