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Grand Opening Day Events | Product Launch Day Events - Electric Dreamz, Singapore Event Company

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Grand Opening Day and Product Launch Events

Are you planning a #grandopeningday event or do you have a #productlaunch coming up? Electric Dreamz is an event company who can provide a low cost, reliable and quality one stop solution for grand opening day events and product launch day events in Singapore.

Here are some effective ways to ensure a successful grand opening day event and product launch day event, depending on the nature of business, product and services offered:

The Right Audience and Attendees

There are many ways to reach out to the right audience and attendees to invite to your event. Distribution of brochures, social networks and hand-delivered invitations to VIP guests are some of the more common and low cost methods to get the message out. Distribution of brochures and leaflets are very effective when and if the distribution is carried out by responsible staff with the right attire, manner and attitudes.

Gift Vouchers, Discount Coupons and Other Attractions

Reaching out and inviting the right audience through the methods mentioned earlier does not guarantee attendance. Coming up with special discounts, coupons and other attractions for the grand opening day events and product launch day events is equally important. Depending on the type of product and service offered, Electric Dreamz can offer a list of options on the type of attraction that can be offered for these events.

Entertainment, Games and Activities

Electric Dreamz can recommend and provide a wide variety of entertainment options for grand opening day events and product launch days events in Singapore. We can also expertly incorporate fun and engaging games and activities related to clients' business, products and services to leave lasting impressions on attendees.

Website and Blog

Creating a website or blog with information on the grand opening day event and product launch event is especially useful if clients want to explore the social network marketing option.

Promotional Bags and Gifts

Giving promotional bags and gifts is an effective way to get attendees to have something to remember the grand opening day event and product launch day event. Items should have print work relating to the event and company.

It is essential for clients to have an idea on the allocated budget for the event. Costs for event elements such as entertainment, games, activities, crowd-pullers such as discount coupons, gift vouchers and other attractions vary by a huge margin. Depending on the budget, Electric Dreamz will recommend a package that meets clients' budgets and which we guarantee will meet and exceed clients' expectations.

To ensure the best package possible, Electric Dreamz goes the extra mile, including conducting product research and venue (locale) surveys to understand the requirements and environment.

Have a grand opening day event or product launch day event coming up and looking for a grand opening event planner or product launch day event planner? Or wanting to know more and to have a non-obligatory discussions? Contact us through our website, email us at or call us at +6585860502.

For more information on Electric Dreamz corporate event planning services, visit our event planner page.

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