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How to Organize a Virtual Event

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Events have always been a great way to gather people to celebrate a milestone. During this pandemic, cities have to be on lockdowns and have stopped social gatherings. While places are already recovering and slowly going back to normal, a lot of us are still hosting virtual events to celebrate milestones and many engage #virtualeventcompanies for organizing these #virtualevents.

Event companies have to adjust and learn how to execute virtual events. We have learned a lot about how virtual events work in just a few months. Virtual events have made gathering people easier but there are still many technical issues that we might face along the way.

Here are some things that virtual event companies consider when organizing a virtual event for their clients:

When will the virtual event be held?

Knowing the date and time of the virtual event will help you gauge how many days you have left to get ready. In this digital age, it’s easier to organize virtual events but event companies still need lead time to do things like arranging the virtual event logistics, make announcements and produce marketing collaterals, if necessary.

What virtual event online platform will be used?

Will you be using Facebook Live? Will the event be done on Zoom? Do you need a third-party application such as Streamyard? There are free online meeting platforms that you can use and there are also some platforms that you have to pay for extra features. Think about what your event needs and consider if the extra cost would be worth it. Decide on a budget and then decide on what virtual event elements you want to include for your guests. You can also explain your needs and requirements to the #virtualeventcompany that you engage and let them handle everything for you.

What activities will you be organizing for the virtual event?

Consider if there are parts of the virtual event that needs to be pre-recorded. Will there be performances or entertainment? Do you need background music? Will there be someone speaking? Will there be games, raffles, or other activities? List down the different parts of the virtual event and budget the total allotted time with all the activities that you need to do. Don’t forget to prepare the prizes for online games and consider sending virtual gifts such as vouchers, discounts, etc. If there are many elements to be included for the virtual event, consider engaging a professional virtual event company that can provide you with a one stop solution.

How will you promote your virtual event?

If your virtual event is public and you’re looking for leads on who might be interested, use social media to launch marketing campaigns through paid ads. Since people spend a lot of time on social media, targeted ads would be a good way to promote your event. Find a virtual event platform that you can use to automate e-mail marketing and payment systems. One of the advantages of launching virtual events is being able to automate systems while accommodating hundreds to thousands of guests.

The pandemic paved the way for virtual events and it’s true that there’s nothing like live events to connect people. Virtual events are proof that even during the pandemic, people will always find a way to stay connected, celebrate, and educate. Since it takes away the hassle of choosing a large venue and reduces the number of event equipment needed from event suppliers, virtual events might still be here to stay after the pandemic. This is why a virtual event company has to be creative and think of new fun and innovative ways on how to make their events as interactive and memorable as possible.

Here is a fun video on the benefits of engaging an event company for your events.

Here is another fun video by our event company on some of our past events.

For more fun videos from Electric Dreamz, an event company in Singapore, check out our event company YouTube channel.

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