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3 Things To Know About Virtual Reality Events

Updated: Mar 13

In the previous blogs we touched current event trends that you can consider for your corporate or private events in this unfortunate covid-19 period, which are virtual events, virtual reality events and live feed events. We have already gone into a more detailed blog on virtual events.

In this blog we touch more on the 3 things you need to know about virtual reality events.

The lock-down period is over, for now and #eventcompanies can now consider offering their clients 3 types of events as mentioned earlier which are,

  • virtual events

  • virtual reality events

  • live feed events

For all these events, no physical contact is necessary.

Types Of Events To Consider For Virtual Events

You can create any type of virtual event environment such as a futuristic one or a historical and themed one.

Virtual Reality events can be for,

  • virtual reality gaming events

  • virtual reality corporate events

  • virtual reality parties

  • virtual reality team building events

  • virtual reality shows

Virtual Reality events can be done be done virtually or at an event venue. These type of events require Virtual Reality Goggles which will display pre-edited and recorded video of a virtual event environment.

Things You Can Do Through Virtual Reality Events

Here are things you can do through virtual reality events with Virtual Reality Goggles,

  • walk-through

  • actions of selecting different options and icons

  • enjoy 360 degrees interactive environment

For more options and requirements, you may consult your appointed #eventcompany or virtual reality event planner.

For more information on virtual reality events, you may also visit this blog titled 'How To Use AR and VR For Events' by Carrie Larwood.

Logistical Needs And Elements To Consider

Compared to virtual events and live feed events, it will usually require a higher budget to hold a virtual reality event, especially since one would have to rent virtual reality goggles for all event participants.

Here are some of the equipment, logistical requirements and needs to consider if you are planning on holding a virtual reality event for your corporate or private event.

  1. You will need to rent virtual reality goggles, one per participant.

  2. These VR goggles require a computer or laptop to load from.

  3. You or the event company and virtual reality event organiser will have to engage a designer and video editor to create the required event environment for an immersive 360 degree view in the VR goggles.


Here is a video by our event company on some of our past events.

For more of our videos, feel free to visit Electric Dreamz YouTube Channel.

In our previous blogs we posted our recommended list of anime and comedies you can enjoy through Netflix during the lock-down period. Singapore's covid-19 lock-down period is now over. Hope everyone is staying safe and well.

Here is our take on some of the best horror shows to watch on Netflix.

  • Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter

  • Predator

  • Predator 2

  • Gantz:0

  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

  • Alien Resurrection

  • Resident Evil - The Final Chapter

  • 30 Days Of Night

  • The Grudge

  • The Cabin In The Woods

  • Event Horizon

  • Ghost Ship

  • Beetlejuice

  • Gremlins

  • Gremlins 2 - The New Batch

  • Aterrados

  • In The Tall Grass

  • Zombieland

  • Zombieland - Double Tap

  • Ju-on - Origins

We also have a few new Anime favourites.

  • Bungo Stray Dogs

  • Demon Slayer

  • Food Wars

  • Attack On Titan

  • Drifting Dragons

  • Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress

  • Kabaneri Of The Iron Fottress - The Battle Of Unato

Feel free to drop us an email at or call us at +65 6683 9541. Alternatively to find out more about the event services that we offer, visit us at Electric Dreamz!

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