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Event Management Company in Singapore - 5 Important and Key Points

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Electric Dreamz is an event management company in Singapore offering event management services as a low cost, reliable and professional one stop quality solution option.

Electric Dreamz is an event company that is transforming the events industry with fresh, new, attractive and cost effective ideas. Our event management company offers carefully crafted event packages, expertly incorporating clients' event requirements with our own to produce event packages that exceed clients' expectations and leave lasting impressions!

Our event management company is uniquely placed to offer low cost and high quality event management services in Singapore through a list of factors which includes the following:


Electric Dreamz is an event management company, through more than 10 years of personal experience of its employed staff, shortlisted a group of companies who have proven track records in the events industry. We have also affiliated ourselves with a number of these companies who offer us low rates for high quality event services and products. Our event company only works with these group of companies and as such can confidently guarantee the high quality delivery of our event services and products for all your events.


Our event management company works with a group of part-time passionate, experienced and professional local event crew and av technicians who take great pride in their work, with event crew who always deliver high quality event services and av technicians who pay meticulous attention to detail ensuring high quality and effective event av equipment setup and management throughout events from start to finish. Engaging part-timers for future events keeps our overheads low and as such it enables us to maintain and offer competitive low event management service rates for private and corporate events in Singapore.

Event Management Company Singapore - Event Crew and AV Technicians


We are an event management company who work with low and reasonable profit margins for all our event services. We are able to maintain these competitive and low rates by keeping our overheads and running costs at a minimum without compromising on quality. We are an event company in Singapore who are unique as we have been able to strike the perfect balance in keeping our event services, event equipment rental services, event management services and special event services costs low and quality high!

Event Management Company Singapore - Key Strengths


Our event management company offers a wide variety of value-added services that enhances the quality of event management services and event packages offered. Some of these are unique and quality event services that our team has come up with through the input of our staff who have had years of invaluable experience in the events industry. We include these services in our event packages as optional items that you may opt to include in the already attractive event packages that are offered.

Event Management Company Singapore - Attractive Value Added Event Services


The Electric Dreamz Team takes pride in everything that we do. We are a group of full-timers and part-timers who come together with our unique set of skills, complementing each others ability, to reach a synergy that produces high quality work always! We have come to identify and proudly call this the X-factor!

Event Management Company Singapore - High Quality | Team Work

Please feel free to contact us for non-obligatory discussions or for any event requirements that you may have for your next event. Your may write us at assif@electricdreamz.com or dan@electricdreamz.com or call us at +65 8586 0502 or +65 6683 9541. You may also contact us through our online event quote request form.

For more information on our event services, event management service and special event services in Singapore, please go to our event services page.

For more information on our event planning services for corporate events in Singapore please go to our event planner page.

For more information on our event organising services for MICE events please go to our event organizer page.

For more information on our party planning and wedding planning services please go to our party planner page.

For specific event services, special event services and event support services in Singapore, please go to our event support services page.

We also offer attractive event venue options and recommendations, including, venue sourcing services in Singapore. For more information on our event venues, please go to our event venues page.

For more videos and blogs, visit us at: http://www.electricdreamz.com/blog http://www.electricdreamz.com/events-articles http://www.electricdreamz.com/event-company http://www.ed4events.blogspot.com http://www.dinner-dance-organizer.blogspot.com

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