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Event Crew And AV Technicians Are The Most Underrated Elements Considered For Successful Events

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Experienced, reliable, professional and skilled event crew, event managers and AV technicians which include lighting programmers and sound-man are vital to ensure successful events. Not to forget expert, professional and experienced lighting designers, event decorators and event deejays who play a big part in ensuring event success.

Event Crew includes,

  1. Event Setup and Teardown Crew

  2. Event Ushers

  3. Promoters

  4. Event Models

  5. Mascot Carriers

  6. Event Registration Crew

  7. Stagehands

  8. Event Flyer Distributors

AV Technicians include,

  1. Lighting Programmer

  2. Lighting Technician

  3. Sound-man

  4. Audio Technician

  5. Video Technician

Other Event Manpower includes,

  1. Event Manager

  2. Event Coordinator

  3. Lighting Designer

  4. Event Decorator

Here is another interesting blog with a fun video on event crew and manpower solutions titled:

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We can provide quality manpower solutions for part-time staff, event crew, lighting programmers, sound-man and video technicians in Singapore.




To ensure successful events, it is important to hire event crew who are,

  • reliable

  • skilled

  • presentable

  • service-oriented

  • professional

Event companies, through events industry experience can provide event crew who meet these requirements. They have the right contacts of event crew with proven track records in the events industry to hire for your events. The key to successful events.

Why is it important to hire event crew who have proven track records in the events industry?

One example of how this can affect the quality of event services and delivery, is for example if you, with limited events industry experience, directly hire manpower for flyer distributing from a source unknown to you or hire freelancers,

  • there is always a possibility that a large number of these flyers will go to the bin,

  • if you had given specific instructions on where to distribute and who your target audience is, you might find these instructions not being 100% followed.

Another example, is if you engage an event setup crew and event teardown crew from an unknown source or freelancers, you might find that the AV equipment setup not being done according to best recommended layouts for quality sound and lights delivery, that only professional and experienced event setup crew can deliver.

These are examples of why hiring #eventcrew who are reliable, skilled, experienced, professional and with proven track records from event companies and from reputable manpower sources is essential to guarantee successful events.



Hiring the right AV technicians guarantee high quality event lighting and sound delivery for your events. The ideal lighting programmer, sound-man and video technician must be,

  • skilled

  • experienced

  • proactive

  • professional

  • passionate

  • knowledgeable

Event companies in Singapore, through extensive events experience have the right contacts to AV technicians with proven track records in the events industry.

Why do you need to hire AV technicians with proven track records in the events industry?

The quality of event lighting and sound system delivery are crucial factors that can make or break any event. Hiring experienced and professional AV technicians ensure high quality event lighting and sound deliver for your events.

A close-knit team of a lighting programmer and a sound-man can work together as a team to create a positive synergy to produce high quality sound and lighting for your events.

A passionate #lightingprogrammer and #soundman, who take pride in their work, and proactive AV technicians who go above and beyond their scope of work, to assist and provide valuable inputs, go a long way to guarantee successful events.

Here is an Electric Dreamz blog titled:

Here is another interesting blog by Electric Dreamz titled:



Event companies are uniquely adapted through events industry experience to provide you with qualified event managers, dedicated event coordinators, professional lighting designers, experienced event decorators and skilled event deejays.

The average person or a person with little events industry experience, may not have the contacts to the right people to get the job done professionally and effectively to ensure successful events.

Does this mean that you should only engage reputable event companies with extensive experience?

Experience can be considered and measured in two ways,

  1. Event Company Experience

  2. Personal and Event Company Staff Events Industry Experience

As such, even though an #eventcompany maybe a newly setup company, having event crew and event managers with years of events experience is essentially, in fact, of more value.

An event company may have been in the events industry for many years, but, if that event company has a high turnover rate, it would mean that the event manager or event crew assigned for your event may be inexperienced.

As such, in the future, instead of looking at an event company profile, it might be a good idea to look a little closer at the event manager and event crew who will be assigned to your events.

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What is one of the biggest enemies to successful events?

Misconception by clients!

One example of a common misconception is that all club deejays can be event deejays too.

In actual fact, most club deejays with no events experience may not be able to deliver high quality event sound management throughout your events, however, on the other hand, an event deejay can fill in for a club deejay anytime.

This is due to the fact that the average club deejay, without events experience may not know when:

  • to play fanfare music

  • to play VIP entrance music

  • to adjust the music for different stage performances and event segments

The club deejay may also:

  • not have the right music as they normally would have a specific music genre

  • not have the adequate knowledge to study and understand an event program to apply and manage his music throughout events


About Electric Dreamz - An Event Company In Singapore

Electric Dreamz is a professional, reliable and low cost event management company in Singapore, providing one stop quality solution for all live events, including social events and corporate events.

We are an event company who can provide professional, reliable, and experienced event crew and event manpower, including event setup crew, event teardown crew, lighting programmers, sound-man, video technicians, lighting designers to guarantee high quality live events in Singapore.

You can now book them online through our event crew and AV technicians online booking form.

For all our events in Singapore, we only appoint experienced and dedicated event managers and event coordinators.

"Turning Dreams Into Reality Through Innovation And Creativity"

What makes for the ideal event management company?

Here is a blog on by Electric Dreamz titled:

Electric Dreamz believes in 3 core values and we apply these in everything that we do:





Are you looking for event crew and AV technicians for an event in Singapore?


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Thanks for taking the time and for the kind read. Have a great day!

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