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List Of Sound Equipment You Need To Rent For Your Events

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

When looking for the right sound equipment rental service for your event, you will need to look through the list of sound equipment available and the #soundsystemrental packages that are offered to you by the sound equipment rental service company or the event company that you have engaged for your event. Usually, sound equipment rental quotations will already include transportation, setup, disassembly, manpower, including the soundman required to manage the sound equipment at the event. Usually, this sound equipment list will look overwhelming especially to one who is new to the events industry. However, one should at least know the basics and names of the common sound equipment used for events.

We made a list of the sound equipment included in a basic sound system rental package:

Sound Mixers

The sound mixers are the heart of the whole sound system. Through the sound mixer, you’ll be able to control the volume and equalizer. Aside from the traditional analog sound mixers, digital mixers are getting popular among sound engineers and soundmen. A digital mixer is a better option for events because of ease-of-use and better overall control functions, however, if you are looking to purchase a sound mixer for installation, an analog sound mixer is the cheaper option. Remember to check with your sound technician or soundman if he or she is able to use that particular analog sound mixer as not everyone is familiar with all the different sound mixer models out there in the market. You might also be surprised to know that for bigger events, there are still many sound engineers who use the analog sound mixer but only because of preference and familiarity.


Sound Speakers are the most important sound equipment to rent. When you go through the list of sound equipment needed for your event with your sound equipment rental company or event company, you will realise the number of speakers to rent depends on several factors such as how big your event venue will be, how many guests are expected at the show and even how the seating arrangement will be. You should also consider the kind of speakers you’ll be using if your event will be held outdoors. The speakers may need to be waterproof just in case it rains unless you are able to place the speakers under a sheltered area such as a tent. Find out how the speakers will be mounted and placed within the venue from your sound equipment rental company or the event company that you have engaged for your event.


Amplifiers are a must especially when you’ll be using a microphone and if there will be a band playing at the event. The more musical instruments, the more amplifiers you might need. Each instrument should have its amp. Also, some amplifiers are best for a certain kind of instrument. Guitar amplifiers for guitars, piano amplifiers for electric pianos, and so on. When you talk to your sound equipment rental company or event company, specify the types of band instruments that will be used during the event.


For both big and small events, microphones are essential. Microphones now are usually wireless. But these will need batteries. So when you are using wireless microphones, make sure that you have extra batteries. Remember to still include wired microphones for emergencies. If you are organizing a seminar or any live speaking event, you might want to consider having a podium onstage or a lapel microphone. For events where there will be a musical band playing, you might need additional microphones depending on how many performers there will be.

Wires and Cables

Wires and cables are the arteries and veins of the entire sound system. Make sure that these are included in the equipment list and that there will be extra wires in case of emergencies. Your sound equipment rental service provider should be able to provide tapes and hide wires that otherwise, in some cases where wires are exposed at foot traffic areas your guests may trip over. If you have a band performance for your event, do not forget to rent the DI (direct input) box which is an input to link the band equipment to the sound console.

The event place you choose should be able to supply the electrical power needed for the entire event. The lights and sounds system for events will take more power than usual so always check with the event venue management in advance for the allocated power and power limitations. There are times where you might have to rent a generator to supply power for the entire event, especially if it happens to be an outdoor event. Engaging the right sound equipment rental company or event company will save you from the headaches and guarantees a hassle-free event with high quality sound from start to finish.


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