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Things To Know About Renting Sound Systems For Your Events

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

The key to conjuring up a perfect party or corporate event is finding the right ingredients and blending them in the right amount, nothing too much and nothing too little. And one of the main ingredients that determines the quality of an event is the #soundsystem. Nobody wants to have a group of guests disconnected from the whole experience just because the audio quality is not up to the mark to keep their attention.

Sound system rental has proven to be a better option than investing in and purchasing one. It is difficult to maintain a sound system and manage it without the right skill set and it will also be costly and inconvenient to upgrade in the future. Party and event planners will recommend sound systems for your events according to your needs and requirements. Here are some things to consider before you finalise on the right #soundsystemrental service package in Singapore for your event.

Here are things to know about sound system rental for events.

Right Sound System Rental Package - Depending On Type Of Event

The first step is to really dig deep into the purpose and type of the event. For example, if you are planning a wedding party, your guests might like to sit back and relax, have conversations and indulge peacefully at their tables or if the sound system is required for wedding after-parties and which can also be more extravagant with live bands performing and dance segments. For the latter, you might want to go for some high-end sound equipment to add more quality to the live music and create a more festive atmosphere and provide for a more engaging experience for your guests.

If it is a grand opening ceremony coupled with promotional activities and games, or a birthday party, you will have to arrange for additional mics if there is a host engaged for your event. But if you are planning for a concert where there will be hundreds or even thousands of guests, you will have to go over the board and rent top-class channel mixers, mics and speakers, such as a line-array sound system. There are different types of sound system rental packages in the events industry and it really depends on the kind of audience and the type experience they would appreciate having. There are times that you would require only a basic sound system rental package, for example when you have an event of a get-together of senior citizens for a casual catch up and tea; what they might appreciate is some quality time with their friends and family with minimal noise in the background.

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Venue Location And Duration Of Event

Here is an important question - where are you planning to have your event or party? The sound system rental packages are very different for events especially when it comes to event venue size. If you are in a mall promoting your product or service, you will want to have a top-notch audio system that will not echo through the entire mall, making it difficult to understand even for the people standing closer to the stage. You will want people on the fourth floor to hear you clearly and take an interest. A good event planner who has never been to a particular event venue will conduct a site visit to ensure that the sound system rental service package that he or she recommends will be suitable for that particular venue size and ensure the best experience for the audience.

Another important point is the time and date of the event. Usually sound equipment are rented based on daily basis, however, the cost for engaging a soundman or an event deejay to manage the audio system varies and depends on the duration of your event. For example, if your event starts in the morning hours and ends after midnight, there may be additional cost incurred. If you fail to provide a proper time frame of the event, your event planner might have to come back to you for more details to ensure that the quotation provided is according to your unique needs and requirements. As such, its always best to provide as many details of the event as you possibly can.

If one has no experience and knowledge in sound equipment, choosing the right sound system for his or her event can be a real challenge and chances are you may spend more than necessary or request for less than is required. It is advisable to consult event sound system rental service companies or event companies to get a recommendation from them based on the details of event that you have provided to them. Go for brands like EV, Mackie, Martin or JBL if you want to be on the safe side. Your event planner sound system rental company will be able to assist you professionally with your requirements if you state your needs specifically and in detail according to the above pointers.

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Electric Dreamz is an event company that can cater to any of your event requirements in Singapore. We are a one-stop solution event company for all your event needs including event planning and management, any event support service requirements and AV equipment rental such as sound system rental, event lighting rental, LED wall rental, projector rental and etc. We also only assign experienced local and skilled AV technicians and crew to setup the AV equipment and manage them during the event. We can also provide experienced event deejays or emcees.

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The Electric Dreamz event crew and event management team are responsible, diligent and most importantly have a proven track record in the events industry. We have partnerships and work with a sister AV rental company who have excellent track record in the Singapore events industry. If you are looking for an affordable high-end sound system which is the right fit based on your needs and requirements, our event company can recommend you the best possible audio equipment based on the size of venue and the expected number of guests at your event.

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