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5 Important Points on Understanding PA Sound System Requirements

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Have you ever rented a PA sound system for an event in Singapore? Did you find it a challenge to select the best PA sound system rental or event company in Singapore for your event? Here we share 5 important pieces of information required before you start research on the sound system rental or event company to rent your PA sound system from.

What are the 5 Important Pieces of Information required to understand your PA sound system requirements?

To rent the correct and right-fit sound system for your event, it is important to understand your exact requirements which is through acquiring and ascertaining these specific event information first:

  1. Number of guests attending the event

  2. Venue location (indoor or outdoor)

  3. Date and time of event

  4. PA sound system rental budget

  5. Any other specific needs and requirements (for example, if deejay required)

Why is it important to have this information in-hand first before contacting sound system rental and event companies in Singapore for their PA sound system rental service rates?


The number of guests attending the event is an important piece of information to acquire prior contacting sound system rental and event companies for the rental of sound system for your events. The correct number of speakers and Watts required directly impacts the quality of sound that is delivered during your events for your event guests.

There is a calculation formula that sound system rental and event companies use to calculate the number of speakers and watts required to ensure high quality delivery of sound for your guests.

Part of this formula and calculation also requires the knowledge of the type of venue, layout and environment, which we will discuss next.


If you have rented PA sound systems from sound system rental and event companies in Singapore before, I am certain that 90% of the time, they have requested to know the location of the venue. This is an important piece of information required due to 2 main reasons.

1st Reason:

The first reason is that most sound system rental and event companies have been to and have the experience of delivering to most event venues and understand the unique rules, regulations and layouts of these venues, for example, where the delivery truck has to park, the level the sound system equipment will be delivered up to and if there is an elevator for this purpose or will there be a long flight of stairs to climb. The need to climb up a long flight of stairs to make delivery will require additional manpower which means additional costs.

It is also essential to share with the sound system rental company if it is an outdoor event and to ensure tentage will be available to protect the sound equipment from weather elements throughout the event. These may seem like minor details, however, it has direct impact on costs.

An inconvenient and paid parking space incurs additional costs unto the sound system supplier. Furthermore, for public outdoor event venues, a COMPASS permit is also required by law in Singapore. Here is more information on this COMPASS permit, costs and application process.

2nd Reason:

The second important point for knowing the type of venue is for the sound system rental company to be able to understand the event venue layouts and calculate the sound system requirements for your event, as described earlier, whether this is a spacious hall, a condo function room or a house party. The more spacious the event venue, the higher watts required per person.

If you are unable to provide the venue location, normally, the sound system supplier will assume maximum costs, leading to maximum sound system rental rates according to your sound system requirements, which is definitely a situation that you will want to avoid!


You are probably wondering why this would have an effect on the PA sound system rental rates. This is one the 5 important factors that might have an effect on your PA system rental rates, because it touches on the point of sound system rental company availability.

This depends on whether the sound system rental company that you contacted has other confirmed events on that day and whether the sound system rental company has to outsource the job to another sound system rental company.

Though this may sound unattractive and logically brings to mind that the rental rates will then be too high to consider, when actually it is the exact opposite. In Singapore's very competitive events industry, groups of sound system rental companies and event companies work together to assist each other in every way possible, which includes sharing of AV equipment, when necessary.

For example, when 'Company A' in that group of affiliated sound system rental companies and event companies is having more events for that particular period than 'Company B' from the same group. The favour is returned in the future when 'Company B' has more events instead.

However, there are times when this would increase PA sound system rental service costs. This is when sound system rental companies and event companies have to engage external delivery services when there is no available driver due to other events on that day.

Another important fact is that same day delivery, setup and management and disassembly will cost much less than, one day before event sound system delivery and setup and should there be additional days required for rehearsals.

As such, if no date and time is given, usually sound system rental companies do not provide a quotation or provide higher PA sound system rental rates which covers the additional costs of outsourcing the rental service or for engaging an external delivery service, which is yet another situation that you would want to avoid if you are looking for competitive event PA sound system rental rates!


99.99% of the time, sound system rental companies will ask for your PA sound system rental event budget. Most clients prefer to keep this confidential as they believe that by revealing their sound system rental budgets will discourage sound system rental companies from providing their best rental rates possible.

This is understandable and might at times, from the clients' side and viewpoint, be bringing them better sound system rental rates, however, it is always difficult to ascertain if the sound system rental rates provided by the sound system rental companies are indeed the best that could have been provided.

For example, let us say that your budget for sound system rental is $600, and by not revealing this to the sound system rental companies, you receive rental rates that are in the range of $500 to $550. These rental rates would look very attractive, however, by sharing the budget of $600, 80% of the time you would still receive these rates, however this act of transparency will take you a step further. Upon selecting a sound system rental company that you will want to work, you can negotiate a further confirmation discount to establish a long-term business relationship with that chosen sound system rental company or event company.

Transparency works both ways, by gaining the trust of the sound system rental company or event company through the sharing of your PA sound system rental budget for the event, you break away the trust barriers and are able to establish a close working relationship leading to a mutually beneficial long-lasting business relationship!


It is essential to provide sound system rental companies and event companies the specific and unique sound system requirements to enable them to provide a quote based on the right-fit sound equipment for your event.

For example in situations when,

  • there are additional sound gear required for a professional live band performance

  • there is background music required, a deejay has to engaged for professional music and sound management through the DJ controller or mixer

  • you want the sound equipment to be patched in with the existing in-house sound system at the event venue (which would require a survey after confirmation of PA sound system rental service quotation)

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