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Essential Tips for Choosing the Right Sound System Rental Service

Updated: May 11

Sound system rental service is the most common type of service engaged for live events. Almost every live event requires some form of professional sound system and sound management. Sometimes, depending on the event venue, you can find these sound systems in-house without the need to hire another external sound system rental service, though occasionally the event venue might inform you that if there is to be a live band performance or disco segment, it is better to engage an external #soundsystemrental service as their in-house system may not be suitable for high quality sound when it comes to a band performance or disco.

Here are some essential tips to choosing the right sound system rental service for your event.

Sound System Rental Package

Here is a video on what a basic PA sound system consists of.

It is essential to ensure that sound system rental service package includes everything required to guarantee quality sound throughout event. It includes the speakers, inter connecting wires and cables, microphones, audio console also known as a sound console or mixer and an experienced audio technician or engineer to manage the sound system throughout the event.

Experienced Sound Technician or Engineer

This is the most underrated element of a sound system that many overlook. Even very high sound equipment can only deliver high quality sound if it is managed by a professional and experienced sound technician with excellent track record in the events industry. An experienced sound technician will fine tune the sound system and ensure everything is running perfectly during the testing phase. We have touched on this very same subject previously through our blog titled event crew and AV technicians are the most underrated elements considered for successful events.

Sound System Rental for Disco

Here is a fun video that touches on the AV equipment needed for a disco party.

If you are having a disco segment or a disco night, it is important to let your event company or the sound system rental company that you engaged know. For these events an event company or sound system rental company will engage a professional deejay who has the music knowledge and the music library to deliver the right disco atmosphere for your guests. For disco segments, it is recommended that you engage an external sound system rental service to ensure high quality sound. You can always discuss with your event venue before deciding.

Tuning and Testing

Hiring the right sound system rental company is essential to ensure high quality sound delivery throughout event. As shown above, the tuning and testing phase is important to ensure success. A professional sound system rental company and the skilled sound technician deployed pay special attention during this phase and carry out rigorous checks to ensure everything is good to go.


Here is a video by our event company on best AV equipment setups by professional event companies and AV rental companies.

Visit our event company YouTube page for more videos.

Feel free to contact us to find out more about our event management company or visit our sound system rental page to find out more about our sound system rental services.


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