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Maximizing Your Event Experience with These Tips on Sound System Rental

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

There are many factors to consider to ensure that you have high quality sound for your event. Engaging the right event company or #soundsystemrental company for your event sound system rental service package is essential.

It has to be a company that has,

  • quality sound equipment that are well maintained

  • an experienced soundman to control and manage the event sound system

  • an excellent reputation in the events industry

Quality sound can only be delivered by sound equipment that are well maintained. As such it is essential to engage the right event company and/or sound system rental company who have excellent track record in the events industry and deliver high quality events for their clients. These are also companies who have dedicated, passionate and experienced event crew and AV technicians who skillfully manage the event audiovisuals to guarantee quality events from start to finish.

Here are some things you need to know before engaging a sound system rental service for your event.

The Event Venue

Knowing the event venue prior to contacting the event company or sounds system rental company is important. Letting the event company or sound system rental company know where the venue will be enables them to have an idea of what type of event space it will be and to advise you on the right #soundsystemrentalservice package. Most event venues are already known to these companies so they usually understand the type of environment the sound will be needed for.

The Number Of Guests

The event company or sound system rental company will also ask how many guests are expected for the event. The more the number of guests the more speakers are usually recommended. For example, 2 speakers are usually sufficient for up to 200 guests. However, there are times when, depending on the sitting area and type of event venue environment, you may be advised to add more speakers to ensure high quality sound for all your guests.

The Expected Event Segments

One of the most important things to know and to communicate to the event company or sound system rental company are the different segments you have included for your event that require different type of music and additional sound equipment. For example, if there is to be a band performance, more microphones and sound monitors will be required. A DI (direct input) will also be required for the musical instruments. As such it is always important to let your event company or sound system rental company know what you have planned for the event from start to finish and your expectations of the event sound.


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