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Transform Your Event with a Vintage String Lights Rental

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Thinking of what type of lighting to rent for your next outdoor event? Working on a tight budget for a social event? Want an option that will give you great photos at your event? Go for vintage #stringlightsrental and you will not be disappointed. This is an inexpensive option that creates an awesome festive immersive ambience for your guests.

You can include #vintagestringlightsrental service for many types of events such as, birthday parties, weddings, Christmas, proposals and even for fairs and festivals. Vintage string lights can create a festive environment for creating beautiful memories.

Vintage string lights are made of tungsten bulbs that give that retro look and light up beautifully in the evenings and nights. They produce a warmer light that look great in photos too!

Here are some of the benefits of including vintage string lights rental for your event.

Great All Weather Option

Vintage string lights rental service is great for outdoors as it is waterproof. As such you have no need to worry of the sudden downpour. You do not need to ensure that the string lights are placed under shelter. There is also no need to rush and take down the string lights in the rain which is a dangerous thing to do when everything is wet. You can just leave the #stringlights where they are and move indoors with your guests.

Inexpensive Event Lighting Option

String Lights are an inexpensive option to include for your events. The event company or event lighting rental company will provide the required length of lights, the transport and the labour. These are included in the string lights rental service package. At times, you may even need a truss which is a structure that the string lights can be installed on if there are no existing points at the venue to hang them on. There will be an additional cost for this item.

Here is a fun video that describes string lighting as an inexpensive option for events.

One way to save more cost is to book for the lights rental service early as the event company or event lighting rental company will usually provide this service at a lower cost. This is because they are able to reserve the required crew and transport early. This usually means internal staff will be engaged and not external part-time staff or freelancers who usually cost more to hire.

Professional Lighting Designer

The great thing about engaging for string lights rental service is that the event company or string lights rental company will include a professional lighting designer who has the experience and the know-how to ensure the right placement of the string lights for your event.

Usually upon a string lights rental enquiry, the event lighting rental company or event company will request for photos of the area of there these string lights will be placed and recommend what is needed and required accordingly. At times, the lighting designer may even request for a site visit to survey the area in more detail. You can be certain of the best design and the most effective placement of the string lights for maximum effect and beautiful ambience.


Here is a video on our latest event where vintage string lights rental service was used.

Here is an event lighting works video of some event lighting work done by our lighting programmer.

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