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What to Expect from an Event Lighting Rental Service Package?

Updated: Jan 18

Event lighting rental is an essential service especially if one is looking to elevate their event to the next level. There are many aspects of an event that can be enhanced through the use of event lights. For example, you may wish to brighten up the stage and event have follow spot lights to direct the audience attention on a host, speaker or and an item during an event segment. You may also want to improve the ambience and have an atmosphere lighted up that reflects the event theme colours. There are times that you want to colour your architecture, like the building walls and ceiling with wash lights. The event company or #eventlightingrental company that you have engaged for your event will include several items in the #eventlighting rental service package that is offered to you.

Here are basic things that are included in an event lighting rental service package.

Type of Event Lights - Event Lighting Rental

Depending on your requirements, the event company will include the lights that will

suit your needs. For example, a pair or two of stage moving heads to light up the stage, six pieces of wash lights to colour the walls or ceilings and etc. Depending on the size of the area that is required to be covered by the lights, the number of lights required can vary according to the venue space or stage size.

Lighting Console

A lighting console is required for the programming and control of lights throughout events. These come in many types. There are the new digital ones and the old analog lighting consoles. The old analog ones are generally not recommended anymore as there take very long time to programme and offer limited functions as compared to the latest models.

Lighting T-bar or Truss

Lighting T-bars or truss are required to mount the lights on. These are heavy duty lighting mounts that are sometimes also reinforced with heavy base plates to ensure stability. Depending on the venue ceiling heights, these can be adjusted upwards. The lighting programmer who is usually also the lighting designer will recommend and install the lights at a height that maximizes the event lighting quality.

Lighting Programmer / Lighting Designer

The lighting programmer and lighting designer are usually the same person. This is usually inclusive of the event lighting rental package that is provided to you by the event company that you have engaged. You may also choose to have you own event lighting programmer hire if you have the right contacts to experienced lighting programmers. It is important to remember that hiring an experienced lighting programmer with a good reputation in the events industry is critical to ensure high quality event lighting delivery for your event. A lighting programmer will also usually be in-charge of the setup crew to ensure quality installation of the lights for maximum high quality lighting effects.


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