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Lighting Programmer Hire - What You Need To Know

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Have you ever looked for a lighting programmer hire service for your event? Here we share an insight into what a lighting programmer's job entails, including the scope of work and what to look out for to determine if your #lightingprogrammer is experienced and will deliver high quality work for you.

Here are things you need to know about hiring a lighting programmer for your event.

The Lighting Programmer

A lighting programmer's job is to cue the lighting that have been installed and/or setup according to the event programme or according to the needs of the producer, director or lighting designer. Usually, an experienced lighting programmer is also the event lighting designer and also fills in the position of the #lightingtechnician, which usually means he or she will be at the event from setup to teardown to assist and coordinate the event crew.

Here is a fun video that describes a typical event work day of an #eventcrew and #AVtechnicians. Enjoy!

Here is our past blog that goes into the job scope and minimum rates of AV technicians, including, Soundman, Lighting Programmers, Video Technicians and Event Crew in Singapore title 'Event Setup Crew and AV Technicians - Typical Event Work Day in Singapore'

AV Technicians and Event Crew Arrival at Work till Departure to Venue

AV Technicians and Event Crew Arrival at Venue and Setup

AV Technicians and Event Crew Event Work Day

AV Technicians and Event Crew Departure From Venue

Teamwork Between AV Technicians

Did you know that AV technicians who have been working together for a period of time are able to produce high quality audio and visual effects for your events? For example, a lighting programmer, a soundman or deejay and a video technician can synchronise their lighting, sound and LED wall to be in sync to the programme and performances on stage to produce jaw-dropping effects that will definitely leave lasting impressions on your guests. As such, hiring AV technicians from the same event company or AV rental company will do wonders for your event or show. However, it is still important to ensure that this group of AV technicians are experienced and have good track record in the event industry.

Experienced Lighting Programmer + Quality Lighting Equipment

The event lighting quality at your event does not depend on the rental of quality event lighting but also, in fact more so, on the hire of an experienced lighting programmer. We have this saying that the audiovisual quality service delivered through your high-end AV equipment is only as good as the experience and skill of the person utilising it.

Here are some benefits and how you recognise an experienced and passionate lighting programmer:

  • he is always early as he understands the need to go through the event programme and the cues requirement

  • he easily understands the event, director's or producer's needs and requirements and is able to deliver it with ease

  • he is able to react to and resolve any unexpected issues or glitches that may arise at the event

  • he is able to adapt to any work environment is and able to deliver high quality work through high level of teamwork with other AV technicians and professionals

  • he always pays close attention and thoroughly checks all equipment more than once and ensure the testing phase has passed smoothly

  • he is able to work independently without any need for supervision by the event manager

Here is a fun video that touches on the same topic of how to ensure 5-Star Lighting Effects for your events.


Here is a video of some event lighting programming works by our lighting programmer.

Visit our event company YouTube page for more fun videos.

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