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5 Key Factors to Keep in Mind When You Rent Globe String Lights for Your Event

Updated: Feb 29

String globe lights are a great option to create a festive mood for any event. There are mainly two types of bulbs these come in, LED and tungsten glass bulbs. Tungsten string globe lights are a popular option especially if you want to brighten up the space and create a festive atmosphere at the same time. LED and Tungsten bulbs. There are some important considerations that you need to keep in mind when you #rentglobestringlights for your event.

Here are 5 key factors to keep in mind when you rent globe string lights.

Knowing The Length Required When You Rent Globe String Lights

It is important to know the length of string globe lights to rent according to the space available at your home front yard or at your event venue. There is a minimum length required to be rented according to different event companies or string lights rental companies. For example, Electric Dreamz has a minimum requirement of 42 metres which are 6 globe string lights lines as our per line of globe string lights is 7 metres. If you are unsure of the number that is required you may also consult the event company or #globestringlightsrental company that you have engaged for your event. Sending them some photos of the area that is required to be decorated is also very helpful. At the same time you may also inform the event company or globe string lighting rental company of the budget they need to work with. It can be for a small area for dining in with your family and friends or a large event venue area.

Power Supply Requirements

Having some understanding of the power supply requirements is essential so you can have an idea of what length of globe string lights you can rent for your event. For the type of globe string lights that Electric Dreamz has, we usually prefer 6 string lights lines connected as one to be connected to one 13 amp power point. This means 42 metres of string lights will be connected to one 13 amp power point. This means that if for example, you are looking at renting 100 metres of globe string lights, This would mean three 35 metres lines (105 metres) would require the availability of 3 power 13 amp power points. If you do not have any power supply in the area where these string lights will be required you can also request your event company or globe string lights rental company to supply a power generator which will be additional costs.

Manpower Requirements and Cost

Manpower cost is usually the highest cost incurred as installing any string lights is labour intensive. There are 2 things to consider here. Firstly, how long is the length of string lights required for your event. For a minimum of 42 meters length of string lights, 2 setup crew is more than enough and depending on the type of terrain and if there are already existing tying points this could be completed within 2 hours. However, if you have rented a length of 140 metres or more and if the tying points are around 3 metres height and also require the rental of other equipment to create suitable tying points, 4 manpower would be required and this could take up to 4 hours or more which would mean higher cost. The next thing that increases cost is the setup day and removal day that are on different days. The crew would have to be paid for 2 work days. Removal of the string lights usually can only be done on the next day after event.

Additional Equipment Rental Requirements

The event company or the string lights rental company will usually try to understand the layout from the pictures provided or if required, will go down to survey the area to get a clearer idea of how the layout looks like. The most important thing here is for them to check if there are suitable tying points available. For example, if tying points can be on the trees or existing structures such as top of high walls. If there are insufficient tying points, the event company or the globe string lights rental company will include poles or truss that could be either tied to trees or be standalone with heavy metal plates for stability. This would mean that additional costs will be incurred and will be reflected in the quotation that the company sends you.

Globe String Lights Height Requirements

Tungsten light bulbs differ from LED bulbs for globe string lights as tungsten globe string lights are able to keep an area bright even from heights of 3 to 4 metres. This is why tungsten globe string lights are in such demand. However, it is important to note that if this is a public area, a work-at-height permit will be required. If you have a private are that has high tying points that can only be reached by really tall ladders you can either have these ladders at the premises and supply them to the setup and disassembly crew or update the event company or globe string lighting rental company that they have to bring their own tall ladder to reach these heights. They will also have to take the necessary precautions to ensure work is done in a safe manner.


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