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The Ultimate Guide to Event Lighting Rental: 5 Crucial Tips for Successful Events

There are many elements you can consider to include for your events like sound system, LED wall, event entertainment, event decoration and many more. Event lighting is an essential item to include to complement the other elements you have included for your event. It creates a festive environment with awesome lighting effects and brightens up dull areas of the event venue. #Eventlighting is also important to give importance to certain parts of the event programme like a follow spot light that shines unto an emcee on stage.

Have you ever engaged #eventlightingrental service for your events? Do you know what is included in an event lighting rental package? This is a video by our event management company on the 5 things that are essential to guarantee quality event lighting for your events.

Here are the 5 things you need to know about event lighting rental to ensure successful events.

Quality Event Lighting Equipment

Engaging an event lighting rental service with high quality event lights is important. It is crucial to work with event lighting rental companies or event companies that have good quality lights that are well-maintained. Well maintained lights are regularly cleaned and tested by responsible lighting technicians at the warehouses where they are stored. This is to avoid a situation where the event lights breakdown during an event. Working with right event lighting rental companies or event companies is important to ensure you have quality event lights throughout your events from start to finish.

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Professional Event Lighting Designer

A professional lighting designer is included in any event lighting rental service package that you have taken for your event be it in small or large scale. Usually the event lighting designer is also the experienced event lighting programmer. He or she will study the event venue to understand its constraints and also understand your needs and requirements according to your event programme to plot the best possible layout to bring the most out of the lights you have rented. The event lighting designer's goal is to enhance every segment according to your requirements. At times, the event lighting designer from his or her vast event experience may even recommend additional event lights to enhance the event environment even further.

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Best Event Lighting Setup

Setup and teardown crew are always included as part of the event lighting rental service package. Experienced setup crew are essential to ensure instructions passed down from the lighting designer and lighting programmer are strictly adhered to. The lighting designer or lighting programmer will usually be present for the setup to supervise and ensure everything is setup accordingly to bring the best out of the lighting effects. For large scale events it is usually advised for the setup to be at least a day before event so the necessary testing can be done by the lighting programmer after the setup has been completed. This is also usually when rehearsals take place.

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Experienced Event Lighting Programmer

One of the most crucial element when it comes to the quality of event lights at your event is the experience your event lighting programmer. During the setup phase the lighting programmer has to programme the cues into the lighting console according to the event programme. The event lighting programmer will have to carefully insert the cues and ensure not to miss out anything from the programme sheet. Depending on the number of cues required and the scale of the event, the event lighting programmer can take an hour for a small scale event with a few lights or many hours for a large scale event with many event lights and cues. It is essential that the event programme be given to the event lighting rental company or event company that you have engaged for your event at the soonest so they have a good idea of what to expect.

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Expert Event Lighting Management

An expert event lighting programmer will skillfully manage the event lights throughout the event from start to finish according to the programme sheet and the client requirements. As he or she is the person who inserted the cues during the setup, a passionate and expert lighting programmer will take the time to understand everything that is required of him or her. An expert lighting programmer will know when to activate the different cues throughout the event after studying and understanding the programme sheet in detail. The event lighting programmer will ensure an uninterrupted and professional management of the event lights from start to finish.

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