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4 Extraordinary Balloon Decoration Ideas For Your Next Event!

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Balloons are important additions to enhance the vibe of any party. Decorating your event with balloons is inexpensive and simple, at the same time beautiful and classy. Even though balloons can be fit for any event, the creative use of balloons can make a huge difference in the overall ambience and festive feel. If you are looking for unique #balloondecoration ideas to surprise your guests on your upcoming party, search no more! Here are 4 #balloondecorationideas that can scale up your party from ‘nice’ to ‘wow’!

Here are some awesome balloon decoration ideas!

Glowing Balloons Decoration

You can use glowing balloons in complete confidence if your event is dimly lit or lit by string lights and such. Most of the event planners that undertake balloon decoration in Singapore have glowing balloons added to their list. Balloons with LED lights filled with helium can make your event look magical and beautiful. Imagine rows of balloons on either side when the bride walks down the aisle! You can have multicolored balloons with LED lights and let them loose around the venue as kids love to play with balloons. You can also mix it up a little bit and use multicolored glowing sticks for a different effect. Do it now and thank us later!

Balloons on a Stick!

Are people ignoring your flyers and contact cards given away on the grand opening day of your new brand? Get creative and bring in the balloons! You can get your brand logo and caption along with the contact information printed on the balloons. Now, blow them up and attach them to a stick to give away for all your guests and passers-by. Kids would definitely want to take one home to play with friends, which would indirectly give your brand some more reach! Most event planners that offer balloon decoration services will offer you attractive ways to print brand information on balloons. They would even make them for you and help you distribute them for your event with talented and professional promoters.

Hipster Balloon Decorations

No one is too old for balloons! But if you are not a fan of multicolored balloons that are too much for the theme and tone of your party, you can always choose a minimalistic color theme combination of two or a maximum of three colors of balloon decorations. These are best suited for bachelor/bachelorette parties, company events, dinner and dance, etc. You can also add transparent balloons with glitter inside them to go with your main color theme. If your company logo has the colors red and blue in it, it will be great if you adopt that as the color theme of your company event and get themed balloon arches and columns in that combination.

The Great Reveal!

People are obsessed with gender reveal parties these days and most of the time the big reveal is made with a big black balloon! The balloons will be filled with pink glitter if it’s a girl and blue if it’s a boy. The father and mother pop the balloon in front of the guests to reveal the gender with glitter. How cool is that?! Talk to your event planner or event decorator about your big idea for baby showers and gender reveal parties and see them come into reality!


Electric Dreamz have a track record of setting up astonishing balloon decorations for events with extraordinary ideas like above. Not only in balloon decoration ideas, but we are also experts in conjuring up sensational parties and events by utilizing great minds in our crew and by including your ideas. We partner with a trusted event decoration professional for bigger events to make sure you have everything in place for your event. Leave your troubles to us while we set up everything for your party including photographers, videographers, game coordinators, deejays, light and sound systems, bartenders, waiters, etc. Trust in our service and attend your own event like a guest and play the host like a boss!

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