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Flyer Distribution Service - 5 Effective Ways For Promotion And Marketing Of Events, Product Launch

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

What are the 5 effective ways to promote and market your events, product launches and opening day events through leaflet distribution service and flyer distribution service in Singapore?

How do you ensure that the leaflet distribution and flyer distribution service company that you engage for your events in Singapore is effective and brings in not only good event attendance numbers but also targets the right audience?

Here are 5 things the leaflet and flyer distribution service should include and consider:

  • Targeting The Right Audience

  • Engaging Professional Leaflet and Flyer Distributors

  • Including Awesome Promotions, Discounts or Giveaways

  • Engaging A Professional Event Or Marketing Company For The Write-up

  • Including Creative Way To Attract Attention



This is a key factor in leaflet and flyer distribution that has a direct impact on the success of any event.

A brochure distribution service company which you engage for your leaflet or flyer distribution service that takes the effort to understand the type of event, the type of product and the type of business for opening days is ideally what you should go for.

An event company that has already been engaged for your events, product launch days and business opening days would be the perfect choice to provide you with quality leaflet and flyer distribution service in Singapore.

How targeting the right audience determines the success of your events?

For example if you are starting a dog grooming service and would like to spread the word in the immediate vicinity on the business opening day.

Ideally, you would want to reach out to the right people, who own pet dogs!

The professional leaflet and flyer distributing service company would brief and train their brochure distributors on having short conversations to find out first if a particular person owns a dog before handing out the leaflets or flyers to them.

Yes, the amount of leaflets and flyers handed out would be of lower quantity but of very high quality. Most importantly, you would see less of your leaflets and flyers in the bin!



Engaging professional flyer distributors who take their work seriously and are passionate about what they do is an essential factor for a high quality and reliable Singapore flyer distribution service.

A professional and capable leaflet and flyer distributor for events is better known as an event promoter, product promoter or opening day promoter.

Passionate flyer distributors take pride in their work which ensure that you receive high quality, reliable and professional leaflet and flyer distribution service for your events, product launch, business opening day events and grand openings.



To encourage participation, attendance and to increase service and product sale, effective leaflet and flyer distribution should include attractive promotions, product discounts and even giveaways.

This can be in the form of product discounts, promotions such as special discounts for the first 100 event guests and attractive giveaways.

The leaflets and flyers can even include a your business website where they can register their interest and set an appointment to request for a service and claim their special discount.

This gives you the additional benefit of being able to promote your company website.



The effectiveness of leaflet and flyer distribution service relies heavily on the flyer content and write-up.

The design, content, layout and even the paper colour used go a long way to make the leaflet and flyer attractive to the reader.

One of the most important part is to capture the reader's attention in the first two lines of the flyers and leaflets. The right write-up that captures the attention keeps the reader engaged enough and attracted enough to read the whole message!

Here is a great blog by Georgina El Morshdy titled:



For a leaflet and flyer distribution service that is carried out in public places, a common typical reaction by a person who sees someone giving out leaflets and flyers is to avoid that area by going around or taking a different route that is away from the flyer distribution area.

One way to attract people to take the leaflets and flyers is by attracting people by touching on their curiosity, which can be by designing the flyer distribution staff t-shirts with an eye-catchy message!

Here is the 3-step on-site effective leaflet and flyer distribution service process:


What other things are there to consider to ensure effective flyer distribution that guarantees success?

Flyer Distribution Dates, Timings and Locations

The ideal date, timing and location for the flyer distribution service depends on your goals and target audience.

For example, if your goal and target is to reach out to people near your business, you would probably want the leaflet and flyer distribution to take place in the evening hours on weekdays or in day hours of weekends, ideally near eating areas, shopping areas and other areas where there are more people and passer-by.

What is the guaranteed event attendance that you would normally get from a flyer distribution service company?

Depending on the content of the flyer, if it includes attractive promotions, discounts and giveaways, the guaranteed attendance normally given by flyer distribution service companies is about 2%-3% of the total number of printed flyers.

Here is another blog by Electric Dreamz titled:


About Electric Dreamz - Event Company In Singapore

Electric Dreamz is a professional, reliable and low cost event management company in Singapore, providing one stop quality solution for all live events, including social events and corporate events.

"Turning Dreamz Into Reality, Through Innovation and Creativity."

Electric Dreamz believes in 3 core values and apply these in everything that we do:






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Thanks for taking the time and for the kind read. Have a great day!

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