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Event Decoration Ideas: Whip Up The Party Glow - Magic and Thrilling!

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Event Decoration with glow in the dark material creates such wonderful effect for an event. Since the dawn of time, man has been fascinated and entertained by light and colours. Rainbows, fireflies, clouds with silver linings and the mighty rays of the sun dazzles and delights the young and old. The Electric Dreamz team looks at some great glow in the dark ideas to turn your party into an absolute show stopper.

Before you go all out and ' re-invent the wheel ’ check what items local event companies have to rent. Event planners cater for both budget and big-spenders. They offer a great variety of decorative lighting, props or glow in the dark furniture, which can transform your party or special event into something quite spectacular. Even a day-time event can be transformed into a glow in the dark party if you can successfully black-out windows or gaps where light floods in.


Event Planners have all sorts of tricks up their sleeve to make the impossible possible especially when it comes to #eventdecoration. So don't be discouraged by a spot of sun, dark parking garages, old warehouses or building basements. These event spaces can become the ideal venue hire for a daytime glow in the dark party.

Glow in The Dark Balloons

Make your own glow in the dark water balloons or instruct event experts with this task, although it is easy to do, some safety precautions need to be followed. We recommend using non-toxic glow sticks, but the sticks also contain glass and when bent may snap and cut you. Fill balloons with water, gently bend the stick into a loop and carefully insert into the water balloon before sealing it.

Balloons don’t necessarily have to be filled with water, you can simply inflate the balloons to float in the air. Gently bend the stick into a loop and insert it into the balloon before inflation. Be cautious when using the toxic glow sticks to prevent any leakage of the liquid. Should liquid ever come into contact with the skin, rinse with water immediately.

Event Tip — Glow sticks can only be used once but you can increase the life of a glow stick by keeping it in the freezer for a while.

Glow in The Dark Cylinders, Containers or Jars

You can also create gorgeous displays by filling clear containers or cylinders with these balloons. For the adventurous or a kid’s party, a glow in the dark water balloon fight can be a fun filled party activity.

Event tip — Any transparent or semi-transparent container, jar or bowl can be used as an object of display. Fill it with glow in the dark sticks or light bulbs or simply paint it.

You can get wildly creative with a bit glow in the dark paint, use stencils or draw patterns and designs to your heat's content. Glow in the dark paint is widely available, you can paint anything — from the front door — to the garden path and even any venue entrance if you feel like it!

Glow In The Dark Cotton Candy — LED, battery-refillable, glow in the dark sticks are available for purchase, specifically designed for cotton candy. Alternatively use non-toxic glow sticks as a cheaper option. Just spin the candy around the glow stick to have a fantastical, edible party decoration. We know you're excited but please: "Don't eat the stick!"

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