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4 Awesome Event Decoration Trends To Know

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

It is 2020 and the event management companies are stepping up their game to stay in the race. The #eventdecoration trends have changed the outlook of conducting events completely and new event decoration trends are popping up. As the requirements of clients tend to follow the millennial style, new #eventdecorationideas have revolutionized the decoration arena. If you are organizing an event and wondering what you can do differently, you have come to the right place!

Check out these awesome trends in event decoration that can make your event stand out and shine!

Addition of Technology to Enhance Event Decor

Sometimes your imagination does not match the reality when it comes to the availability of event decoration material. Especially when you are looking for a specific type of look or background. You don’t have to settle for less when there are ways to decorate your event using technology. The usage of LED walls can be really sensational as it can display any design you want and can be arranged every which way or even show any type of background you can dream up. You can even have moving graphics on your stage or transform your event venue into a digital masterpiece which guests will still remember and talk about long after the event is over. For example, if you are throwing an Arabian Nights themed event, get some LED walls to convert your space into a living desert and you can even add more details like a blurred image showing a mirage of an oasis! LED walls can make visual illusions and attract your guests without the need for much event decoration material.

Following the Millennial Way

The new generation has a different view for a social event; what they usually go for is more like a gathering and they want it in a casual setting. So instead of decorating your venue in traditional ways, feel the vibe of the youth and try something new. Make a custom furniture arrangement with couches and beanbags along with plants and which may be include string lights depending on the type of event. A dynamic setting would encourage people to interact more and engage with the host. The traditional way of being one among the crowd is shifting to make way for the feeling of being in someone’s living room in a casual setting. Try transforming your venue to a lounge space with social furniture and see the magic unfold!

The Rustic Vintage Setup

Even though there are new waves in the events industry, the vintage themed event never runs out of style! Especially now that we even have the means to produce custom made props to make the venue look truly vintage, it is a popular event theme that is chosen over other themes more often. Picture an outdoor setting with greenery and vintage string lighting, wooden furniture for dining and lounging, decorated mason jars and lilies! You have got yourself a simple yet beautiful vintage arrangement! These kinds of setup work very well for outdoor weddings and small gatherings. This is a huge contrast from tawdry wedding parties that seem too much sometimes.

Environment-Friendly Event Decoration

As the dangers of climate change have started to unfold, people are starting to care a lot more about the environment and healthy living. It is a good idea to consider an eco-friendly party with decorations that will not choke and add more waste to our planet. Consider having minimal event decorations with greenery and use less plastic. Event decoration material that can be reused and recycled needs to be in the game more often. Even single-use plastic cutlery can be replaced with Eco-friendly cutlery to instill a sense of responsibility on your guests. Many celebrities are opting eco-friendly weddings as a statement towards protecting our planet and doing their part to making the world a better place for future generations.

There are many event decoration elements you can consider including for your event such as:

  • balloon decoration

  • custom-made props

  • table centrepieces

  • backdrops and banners

  • pedestals

  • landscaping

  • ambience lighting

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