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Showcase Your Brand Or Create Decorate Your Wedding Space With Monogram Gobo Lights Rental

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Gobo Monogram Lights Rental is a service you can consider to bring your events to another level. These attractive #Gobolights can showcase and highlight your brand logo by projecting them unto walls and areas of your event space where your guests can get an unhindered clear view. #Gobomonogramlights are also a very popular element that couples and wedding decorators include for weddings. #Gobolighting can make any budget weddings look grand and even leave lasting impressions on your guests!

Here is what you need to know about Gobo Lights Rental.

Monogram Gobo Lights Rental Service in Singapore

In Singapore you can engage Gobo Monogram Lights Rental service through your event company, event or wedding decorator or AV rental companies. The Gobo Monogram Lights Rental Service Package consists of a minimum of:

  • a moving head

  • a piece of custom designed metal plate

  • a lighting console

This will usually include the services of a lighting programmer, for the setup. You can direct the lighting programmer to set the moving head to stay static or set it to move in a direction you wish. Take note that if you only require static Gobo projection image, a lighting console will not be required. For multiple projected images, you can add more moving heads and the Gobo metal plates.

Monogram Gobo Design Works

As for the design works, you may provide the event or wedding designer, event company or AV company that you have engaged with the Gobo design or alternatively you can leave it to them and provide them with a rough sketch or a logo with specifications for their designer to come up with the professional design works that is required to fabricate the metal plate.

How Much Lead-Time Required To Confirm Gobo Monogram Lights Rental Service?

Typically, a minimum of 2 weeks is ideal to confirm the Gobo Monogram Lights Rental Service with the event company or AV rental company that you have engaged for your events or weddings. However, it is still advisable to confirm the service at the soonest possible as sometimes the event company or the AV rental company, including the fabrication company may have a backlog of orders or events and may not be able to accommodate your requirements or needs for your events or you may be charged a higher price for the Gobo Lights Rental service.

Inexpensive Monogram Gobo Rental Service

This is a awesome element to consider for your events or weddings as it is an inexpensive way to make any event or wedding look grand. A great way to highlight your brand especially if you are engaging the Monogram Gobo Rental Service for your business grand openings or product launch events. The trend is also very popular and more couples are engaging Wedding Gobo Monogram Light Rental Service to impress their guests and make their weddings grand in Singapore.

Event Design Service Package

If you are engaging an event company, AV rental companies or an event designer for your event, it is advisable to request them to include Monogram Gobo Lights into the package to get a better package deal. Event companies or AV rental companies that you have engaged for your events or weddings can combine the lights and visuals to create impressive event environments that are sure to leave lasting impressions on your guests!

Monogram Gobo Lights are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use!


Here is a fun video by our event company on the 5 secrets to 5 star lighting effects for events.

Visit our event company YouTube page for more fun videos.

Do you have an a product launch, grand opening or wedding coming up that requires a Gobo Monogram Lights Rental Service? Contact us for a free quote at or call us at +65 66839541. Visit us at Electric Dreamz to find out more about our event company. Alternatively, find out more about our Event Lighting Rental Service in Singapore.


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