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Event Lighting: In-house Lights Maintenance and Repair Service - Singapore 24 Hours On-site Support

Updated: Apr 18

Looking for in-house event lighting support and repair service in Singapore?

Facing any of these issues:

  1. In-house lighting deteriorating in quality

  2. Lights having flickering issues

  3. Lights not switching on

  4. Lighting consoles not working

  5. Lighting not functioning properly

Fret not!

Electric Dreamz offers:

  1. On-site lighting solution

  2. In-house AV technician and lighting technician training course

  3. 24 hours service and support

Have an event next morning and need urgent lighting support and repair service?

We got your back!


Electric Dreamz can provide on-site lighting solution for your in-house lighting. This includes,

  • On-site in-house event lighting repair service

  • On-site in-house event lighting maintenance service

In-house Event Lighting Solutions in Singapore | Electric Dreamz

On-site In-house Event Lighting Repair Service

Our on-site event lighting repair service includes a lighting replacement option for cases where the lighting has to be taken away for further repairs. We will replace it with a temporary light which is of the same brand or with similar functions that will not affect your event lighting for same day or next day events.

On-site Event Lighting Repair Service in Singapore | Electric Dreamz

If more than one lighting needs extensive repairs and need to be taken away to be brought to the lighting service centre for further repairs, we can provide cheap lighting rental to ensure no interruption to your events and to guarantee high quality event lighting delivery and performance throughout.

On-site In-house Event Lighting Maintenance Service

We provide ad-hoc and long-term lighting maintenance service for in-house event venue lights too.

On-site Event Lighting Maintenance Service in Singapore | Electric Dreamz

For long-term lighting maintenance service contracts, we recommend a quarterly maintenance service to:

  • ensure high quality lighting for all your events, always

  • enhance the durability of your in-house lighting

  • be able to detect and correct potential event lighting issues that would otherwise cause issues to arise during actual events, which will be too late!


Electric Dreamz now offers a 5-day theory, practical and hands-on lighting maintenance, problem-solving and repair course for in-house AV technicians and lighting technicians.

In-house Lighting Technician - Training Course in Singapore | Electric Dreamz

This is a custom lighting training course that has been produced by Electric Dreamz lighting programmers and lighting technicians who have more than 15 years experience in the events industry and have vast and unique knowledge of the workings and functions of a wide variety of lighting types.

Your in-house AV technicians, lighting programmers and lighting technicians will acquire a unique set of skills related to event lighting that will enable them to be able to:

  • maintain and service all in-house lighting on a regular basis to ensure high quality lighting always

  • detect and resolve potential lighting issues

  • conduct repairs where necessary

Lighting Technician Training Course in Singapore | Electric Dreamz

That is not all!

For a 5-star service, after completion of the course, the designated lighting course instructor will also open a whatsapp group chat and provide live instructions and guidance where required, to all trainees who have completed the course.

We also offer lighting programming training courses to train in-house lighting programmers to control in-house event lighting through the use of lighting boards.


Ever been in a situation where you have an event coming up the next morning, it is after office hours and you are not able to reach anyone to assist with a lighting breakdown?

Event Lighting in Singapore - 24 Hours Support Services | Electric Dreamz

Electric Dreamz provides a 24 hours service and is reachable at any time of the day or night for any last minute ad hoc on-site event lighting repair and servicing requirements!

Event Lighting in Singapore - 24 hours Repair Service | Electric Dreamz

For urgent ad hoc repair service requirements of broke down event lighting and sound system, please call us directly at +65 8586 0502 or +65 6683 9541.

We offer quality, reliable and cost effective one stop solution AV equipment maintenance and repair services for all in-house lighting and sound systems too.

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Alternatively, please feel free to visit us for more information on our event lights and sound system support services in Singapore.

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