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This Is How To Keep Kids Entertained At A Party

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

The Best Dazzling Kids Party Idea - Keep Kids Entertained at Parties

The Labyrinth party idea continues to be one of the most exciting and fresh themes to choose for a kids’ party — be it a birthday or a year-end class party. Walking a labyrinth is a highly entertaining and stimulating activity for children, it promotes a sense of well-being, right-brain activity and allows children to have lots of fun at a party. We introduced it as a theme in our previous kids party idea blog and now focus on some more labyrinth activities, make one you can trace with your fingers or one you can eat — good event planners, never run out of new ideas!

Finger-walking Labyrinth

How to keep kids busy at a party — children’s parties really liven up when crafts are involved as part of the itinerary. Kids can create their own finger-walking labyrinth and it will be a good preparation activity for the actual walk. It will help to bring a better understanding to the children of what a labyrinth is. First draw a simple maze and then a simple three-circuit labyrinth to illustrate the difference between the two.

Demonstrate to the children the difference between the two, by walking through it with your finger — show them how they can get stuck in a maze but not in a labyrinth — you must simply follow the path.

Create an Amazing Finger-walking Labyrinth

A finger-walking labyrinth can either be raised and textured, or sunken, so that it can be traced with your fingers in the grooves or on the mounts. Sand, glitter, seeds or sugar — are great materials you can use to create this textured pathway. You can simply use sheets of paper, cardboard or even paper plates for the surface. Use wood or paper glue which is safe for children — squeeze tubes works best, but the applicator nozzle must not be so big that the glue bleeds over the edges. Once the pathway is filled in with the adhesive, you can scatter the material of choice over the surface and gently shake the excess off.

A sunken labyrinth will be a labyrinth drawn inside individual trays, filled with textured material that can semi-maintain its shape, like in the case of beach sand. Use shells or trinkets to decorate the pathways. An alternative etched-in version can be crafted from rolling out a sheet of play doh, then sculpting it with a plastic knife or utensil suitable for this purpose, whilst being safe to be used by children. Again, interesting items like pebbles or marbles can be pressed into the clay to create a path to trace.

Event tip — Depending on the age of the children at the party, pencil draw the labyrinth for them before the time, if you think it will be a task too difficult. Draw the pathway in a double line, so that it allows for the space to be filled in with the glue and the texture filling while — leaving a big enough space for the actual inner path.

A single pencil line drawn too close to the other lines, could end up looking like one big circle, once its decorated with glue and glitter.

Eat your Labyrinth

Now there’s an interesting event activity idea! Here’s our genius Electric Dreamz kids party planner idea; tube and pipe icing sugar on a plate to form the labyrinth circuits. Now dot and pack this yummy trail of sticky icing sugar with any array of loose candies; smarties, jelly beans, sugar sprinkles, really anything delicious that tickles your fancy. You might even come up with more creative ideas on different food sorts that can be used to create an edible labyrinth — we would love to hear about your ideas — please share by post. Eat, walk, enjoy!

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