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How To Design A Dazzling Labyrinth For Your Party

Updated: Mar 13

This Is How To Really Light Up Your Party With Event Activities

Labyrinth - Event Activity Idea

You want to create an event which will be unforgettable, an experience that will be talked about by your guests long after the event has ended. In a previous team building activity idea blog we introduced the labyrinth as one of the most unusual and splendid creations to serve as a magnificent event décor focus point. Apart from its incredible visual impact it is of course designed for the purpose of the walk — this is an event activity suitable for young and old and an excellent community and team building practice. The Electric Dreamz team explores types and design options and share a few technical tidbits.

Enjoyable Event Activity

For those who have their interest peaked — be it for a corporate event, Halloween or kids party, a wedding or any special occasion — a labyrinth walk is an enjoyable party activity, it brings mental focus and calms the mind. You can design your own or commission experts to design it for you, depending on the scale of your idea it can become quite technical. Portable, ready-made canvass labyrinths are also available at online merchants for either purchase or rental. Event planners do exactly this, we source what our clients need and if it is not out there, we make it happen — if you don’t want the fuss, leave it to us.

Perhaps your dream labyrinth requires an expert landscape artist. The Electric Dreamz team did some digging to help you understand a bit of the labyrinth lingo. Yes! “Ladies and Gentlemen”, labyrinth lingo is real — do you know what lunations, pillars and petals are? Don't worry, we will explain.

event activity ideas singapore
Event Activity Ideas in Singapore

Types of Labyrinths

Labyrinths are firstly identified according to type — classic or concentric, then according to the number of circuits; 3 -15 circular pathways, counting from the center outwards. The core of a classic design is called the seed pattern and essentially routes your progress through a labyrinth according to this pattern. A seed pattern can be a cross, a three-pointed formation or a penti-design, which looks a bit like an ‘X’ drawn on a stick. In contrast, concentric labyrinths paths are circular and concentric and thus there is no cross in the middle.

If you want a raised or three-dimensional labyrinth at your party, erect pillars in strategic quadrant points to enhance the composition. Lunations are circular parts around a labyrinth which visually resembles bowl-shaped edges with semi-cut off upper parts or jagged edges looking like the cogs of a gear, as seen around the famous Chartres Labyrinth below.

Labyrinths can vary in shape to resemble many different forms; an animal, a tree, mandala or flower crown — in which case the petals are exactly that, the curving bits in a quadrant which replicates a flower petal.

Most labyrinths are copyrighted and restricted for use without permission from its creator, such examples are the Santa Rosa Labyrinth and Helen Curry's Ceremonial Labyrinth — the aforementioned is a simple three-circuit design with a large center and double pathway which allows couples to walk together. Are you thinking what we are thinking? Yes, it is a great idea for a wedding, wedding anniversary or engagement party. It will be a significant ceremony to mark such a special occasion and your guests can participate and enjoy in this sacred ritual.

We have posted two original labyrinth drawings by Robert Ferre. Always credit artists and/or request permission from designers to use or reproduce copyrighted content.

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