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Party Planning Companies: The Benefits of Engaging Their Services For Your Private Parties

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Everyone loves to enjoy an entertaining and memorable party. However, party planning takes a lot of work and effort. An expert party planner has the knowledge and expertise to ensure that every party is a success always. Event and #partyplanning companies offer a wide range of party services offering you many unique ideas to entertain your guests. The services provided by professional party planning companies are based on the needs and requirements of their clients, depending on their budgets.

Why Engage Party Planning Companies For Parties?

Many experienced party planning companies around the world offer a wide range of party services, depending on the budget to make any party an entertaining and memorable one. When it comes to planning a party or an event, there are many factors that must be considered. These factors effectively help to make successful and memorable occasions. To make the party successful, professional party planning and event companies usually have a standard step of procedures and guidelines that they often adhere to to ensure that they paid attention to every detail of your event to guarantee success. Here are some important points.

How Party Planning companies work effectively:

  • For party planning, unique ideas are needed based on clients' requirements that require the experience of a professional #partyplanner. For beginners, it is a very daunting process. Professional party planning companies, can also assist and provide input for clients to ensure their party awesome and memorable.

  • The professional event coordinators of event companies usually have already executed many events throughout their careers. This is why you engage them to to handle your party planning, guaranteeing a fruitful result always.

Difference between planning a corporate event and private party:

  • Corporate events are usually more formal and require a different approach than a casual party.

  • For corporate events, event planning companies normally have to liaise with a committee who usually have a set of guidelines and specific requirements for event coordinators to adhere to. For private parties event companies normally liaise with individuals who are usually open to more unique ideas and input from the party planners.

Budgeting is an important concern:

  • Apart from planning, one of the most important factor is budgeting. Usually when inexperienced individuals organise parties on their own, they end up paying too much for their parties. Event companies are uniquely adapted to offer up competitive pricing for the party elements due to their excellent and close relationship with their vendors and partners in the event industry.

  • Party planning companies are resourceful and can offer attractive discounts on party packages, usually for early confirmation of their party planning services.

How to ensure efficient and effective party planning:

It is very important to have a party planning checklist and schedule to accomplish the party planning tasks efficiently and effectively. This ensures that you do not miss out on any detail. From the party audiovisual equipment rentals to event decoration services, attention has to paid to every detail and party element to ensure a hassle-free and successful event. Experienced event managers and coordinates are equipped with the right tools to ensure success from start to completion, to even surpass clients' expectations.

Services offered by Party Planning companies:

An event planner can offer up unique ideas for inexperienced clients who sometimes have no idea on what event elements to include or themes to choose for their events. Party planners can provide a wide range of ideas for party themes for clients to choose from.

Passionate event planners put in a lot of effort and time to understand clients' needs. They can offer some useful suggestions, unique party ideas, and pay close attention to details to ensure everything is as their clients' have pictured their party to be and usually can even surpass expectations. Here are some general details that event planners need from clients to start off their party planning work:

  • Date

  • Time

  • Entertainment

  • Food

  • Budget

  • Favors

  • Locations

  • No. Of Guests

  • Party Rental Service (Audiovisual rentals and etc)

  • Game and Snack Stalls

and more!

The party planning service industry is one that is equipped to meet all logistical needs, as a one stop party planning solution to clients. This business can be run by an individual offering a personalised service or as a company who have experienced party planners and event coordinators, to meet any event planning service requirements. The party planner is one who liaises through phone, email or through appointments (usually when site recce is required). Party planners have the know-how and in-depth knowledge on any live event, such as birthday parties, kids parties, anniversaries, corporate receptions, weddings, and etc. Effective and efficient party planning ensures that all event and party planning needs are met and executed professionally, ensuring and entertaining and memorable events and parties for guests.

Party themes, elements and design:

  • Venue

The selection and booking of the party venue is an important aspect to consider for any event or party. The selection o the venue sometimes also depends on the type of event or party you are holding. There are many types of venues such as an outdoor venue, restaurant, private room, hotel or convention hall and these different venues may have their own set of rules, for example, some do not allow external catering (only in-house catering can be engaged). There are even venues who do now allow the possibility of some party decorations as they do not allow double-sided tapes on their walls and more. Different event and party venues also have different shutdown times, for example they only allow events and parties up to 11pm or midnight.

  • Theme and decor

Party planners possess unique creative skills and are also very imaginative as they have seen, been to and managed hundreds of events and parties throughout their careers. They can offer great ideas on event decor and ambience lighting, depending on the chosen theme for an immersive and memorable experience for your guests. They work with experienced and well-known event decorating companies and lighting designers who offer up exciting ideas based on the chosen themes and which are also based on the aesthetics at different venues.

  • Entertainment and Event Emcees

To entertain your guests you can also choose to include party entertainment, such as mentalists, comedians or even event emcees who play engaging and entertaining games with your guests and even give out game prizes. Depending on the type of party and budget you have allocated, party planners can offer you a list of entertainment options. As such budget is a very important factor and should be made known to planning companies to allow them to offer you event and party elements that are appropriate and within your budgets. This is one of the reasons behind why event an party planning companies usually request to know your event and party budgets before offering up an event and party proposal to you.

  • Food and Drinks

The type of catering, if it is sit-in or buffet, and type of food required, if it is a mix of 'halal' and vegetarian or just finger food, also depends on your budget. Some event and party planning companies prefer clients to contact catering companies directly and usually provide you with the contact of recommended catering company, depending on the type of food you require for your event or party. After the catering company has been selected, the event companies can assist to liaise and coordinate with the chosen catering company on your behalf. A party planner through his or her experience offer you catering companies who are well-known to have great food and service in the events industry.

catering service for parties in Singapore
Catering Service for Parties

In Conclusion:

An experienced party planner executes many useful tasks and pays attention to every detail, to make your party a memorable one. An experienced party planner will go the extra mile to understand what a client envisions for his party or event to ensure that he or she can craft the best event and party proposal for you. Even if you are an experienced individual who has successfully planned and managed your own event or party before, you may also consider engaging an event management or party planning company to offer you a list of event elements, such and entertainment and party audiovisual equipment rental services at an attractive rate.As you can see, an experienced party planner will ensure that you party will be a memorable one for your guests and at the same time, save you a good amount of money too.


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