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Event Management Company in Singapore For Best Value Added Event Services - Online Forms

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Have you been looking for event management companies in Singapore who can provide professional event management and planning service at low cost without compromising on quality?

Electric Dreamz is a one stop solution event management company in Singapore for quality event management, event planning and event rental services in Singapore. We also provide free value added event services and include these as part of our event management service for events in Singapore.


Although we are a fairly new one stop solution event management company in Singapore, our team, both full-time and part-time staff are experienced, professional and passionate locals with excellent track records in the event industry. Most have been in the event industry for more than 10 years and have worked in various roles from event crew, setup and disassembly crew, lighting programmers, sound technicians to event coordinators and event managers. They have been involved in hundreds of events both locally and overseas bringing with them a wealth of experience and ideas.


Electric Dreamz is an #eventmanagementcompany who are passionate in everything that we do. We believe in transparency, integrity and professionalism and apply these values in everything that we do. These values have carried us a long way in the events industry and helped us build close business relationships with like-minded people who are now our suppliers and affiliated companies. For the Electric Dreamz Team an event is not just an event, it is a continuous endeavour to exceed expectations in everything that we deliver, to leave lasting impressions and build long-term business relationships. Although it has been only about a year, we have been fortunate to have been able to provide our event services for like-minded clients and individuals who believe in these values too.



Here are some of the value-added services that our company can offer in Singapore through the use of professional online forms, depending on the type of event, as part of our event services package and business services.


We are a professional and quality one stop solution event management company, always ready to provide our professional event services as and when required for any event related requirements. One of the ways we have come up with is to assist to acquire and collate event related information through the use of custom online forms. Our event management company can craft out an online form that can effectively collect the information that you require, related to your events in Singapore.


Easy Process

These online forms can be used for survey, poll, registration, voting, product selection and for many other data gathering purposes. Due to confidentiality of contact information, our event management company prefer not to email out forms for you. We can send you a link through email that you can forward through emails or phone messages which the recipients can click, fill-in and submit. After submissions have been received, our event management company will forward the data to you and if required, we can analyse and provide our feedback on the summary of results too.

Simple Use

  • These easy online forms;

  • are easy to fill-in

  • are convenient to send and receive

  • provide easy to understand data summary


  • Online forms can help you to

  • understand preferences and make informed popular decisions

  • save costs by excluding unnecessary or unpopular items

  • have an idea on number of guests who will be attending the event

  • create a buzz in the office through event related topics and encourage higher attendances

Less Paper, Less Writing

More Computer, More Typing

Craft - Manage - Analyse

The value added services provided by our event management company through the use of online forms is as follows:

  • Crafting Custom Forms - Effective, simple and easy to understand

  • Collecting and Forwarding Data - Professional management of data

  • Analysing Data - Providing Valuable Feedback


Our event management company in Singapore can also produce product and service customisation forms and offer these services for small businesses. These forms are especially useful if there is a complex product or service customisation process and you want to make all options easily understandable and available to your clients for their preferred selections based on their unique preferences.

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