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Event Management 2016 - Event Management Company in Singapore

Updated: Mar 11


2016 was our 1st year and we have been fortunate and blessed with a great year! We have had the opportunity to be involved in event planning, event management and in the production of high quality private and corporate events in Singapore. We have also been able to provide event services and support for many live events in Singapore. Most importantly, we have been very fortunate to meet great individuals, working together to produce grand and memorable events, including providing high quality event services to ensure these events were perfect from start to finish, not only according to needs and requirements, but exceeding their expectations at all levels!

We have been able to deliver high quality events at low rates due to our ability to keep overheads and running costs low, leading to the possibility of being able to lower profit margins and lower event rental and services rates. We have ensured reliability without compromising on quality through;

  • our network of close excellent track records suppliers, who provide only quality products and services and low rates

  • experienced crew from setup to management of events and equipment

  • experienced managers and coordinators


Electric Dreamz has produced more than 50 blogs and videos in 2016! Most of these blogs and videos have been on our event services as a fun and innovative way to describe what we do, what we recommend and even event industry tips, especially attractive if you prefer to watch a video rather than read lengthy products and services details from the web pages! These are mainly on event planning, event management, event support services, including, av rental, event equipment rental, special event services and event crew. Electric Dreamz targets to surpass the number of blog posts for the year 2017! We welcome you to join, subscribe and follow us through our website, blogs and social sites.

Thanks for your kind time, attention and read. To you, to our old friends and new, a very Happy New Year, may 2017 bring you prosperity, happiness and good health!

The Electric Dreamz Team

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