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Best Party Games Ideas - Attract A Whopping Pot Of Good Luck And Fortune

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Plan your event properly! Practice these lucky party games and revolutionary rituals at your Lucky-Party, office function or team-building event. Science proves that what we do, say and believe — can have a significant impact on our happiness and the amount of good luck we experience. Psychology professor, Richard Wiseman shares his research findings in his book Luck Factor, which states that believing in luck — brings more luck.


As much as 80 % of those who attended his Luck School, experienced a luck increase by at least 40 %. So, forget about being a realist, shower yourself in optimism even up to the point of self-delusion. As the old saying goes — would you rather be right or happy?

A ritual or lucky party game can be as simple as acknowledging your own accomplishments or to toss a coin into a wishing well. Event activities or lucky games can be centered around visualizing, saying and writing down your heart’s desires.

best party games ideas
Best party games ideas - Luck parties

Event Tip ­— expressing the desired outcome as if it already took place or has happened, is more effective in terms of the law of attraction’s principles.

Honestly anything that combines your intention with an action — will suffice as a good luck activity for your event. Studies indicate that superstitions and over-confidence can enhance performance, increase productivity and improves teamwork. Just wishing someone luck helps them do better.

Here Are Some Ideas To Skyrocket Your Wealth And Good Luck

  • Luck follows gratitude — an inexpensive gratitude jar or fancy journal can be an excellent party gift. Instruct your guests to write down 3 things they are grateful for and to practice this ritual daily. It opens the mind to positive focus and becomes a great source for appreciative reflection.

  • Lucky Gold or Money Shower — get an expert event management company to create a walk-through for your guests to be showered with gold confetti, paper money or anything symbolic to abundance and luck. What a about a bathtub filled with play-play coins?

  • Lucky post-it’s or notes — cheap and easy to print or write down good wishes on a piece of paper. Stick it underneath chairs, then announce that guests must look under their seats to discover a good luck wish.

  • Lucky Karaoke — come on, grab the microphone and sing yourself lucky! Bring on the magic with dance and song. We all know that a bit of exercise and movement is good for you and gets the endorphins going. Just try this list of lucky songs to help you maximize your luck.

  • Lucky Lottery or an Electric Dreamz treasure hunt — Create a mock lottery or treasure hunt for your guests. Have more than one winner and many treasures to discover.

  • Lucky Charms DIY — for the craftier, you can really get creative by setting up a craft workshop where your guests can participate in making their very own lucky charm, also an awesome pre-event activity idea. The possibilities are endless, get crafty with origami, food, jewelry, paper, or make your own Chinese coin charm.

  • Pass the lucky parcel — a simple game often played at children’s parties, but no matter what your age, we like to win stuff! Let people gather in a circle and pass around the parcel (a wrapped gift) accompanied by music playing. The DJ must stop the music at random, whoever holds the gift at that time, gets to keep it.

  • Pass the wand or hire a Fairy Godmother or Wizard — A wand is an instrument of magic such as seen in Harry Potter, with which wishes can be granted. Another excellent lucky gift with the specific instruction that this wand must be used throughout the event to grant fellow guests good wishes. A Fairy Godmother is a fairy tale character who holds the power to grant wishes or make people’s wishes come through.

Hire a Wizard - Luck Party Ideas

Consult an event management company for a crew member or professional actor to be hired to play the part of Fairy Godmother at your special event.

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