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Party Ideas - Luck Parties in Singapore for Business Opening, New Year or just for fun!

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Get Your Party Planner: Have Good Luck – Throw a Lucky Party


Why Not? Invite good luck into your life, have a Good-Luck Party. Some believe that we make our own luck in life, but regardless of your beliefs, who doesn’t want a bit of extra luck?! A Good-Luck Party can be a fantastic way to begin the New Year or introduce a new business. If nothing else — it is a fun event idea; to lift people’s spirits and increase good will. As a #partyplanner you can always offer this idea for a client who is looking a reason to throw a party for family and friends.

It might be tricky

There are as many different beliefs and symbols connected to good luck and fortune, as there are different people. Rabbits’ feet, a four-leafed clover, horse shoes or rainbows, since we can remember — humans have invested in trinkets and symbols in the hopes of attracting some good luck or fortune. Although many of these symbols are dated, it is not unusual for even the unbeliever to have a lucky shirt or hat to wear for special occasions.

It is important to respect your guests’ culture and beliefs and not to offend any invitees, try to be inclusive. There are many traditions and symbols which could be viewed as universal and general. If you are not sure, stick to general and light-hearted ideas. Everyone loves a fortune cookie.

What is your Good-Luck Mission?

It could simply be: “Throwing a Good-Luck party to kick-start the New Year! I want to spread love and excitement to my nearest and dearest family and friends. Let everyone gather together to enjoy good food, music and laughter and exchange good wishes to one another for the year to come. “

Define your Good-Luck Mission Statement. This will help with your invite design, shape your ideas and clearly explain the purpose of your party to your guests. First and foremost, the purpose of your event will influence the character of your party; be it a simple social gathering or the launch of a new project. Where must the Good-Luck go? Maybe to your business, children, your friends or your newly built house. Keep in mind who you want present. Create a rough profile of your guests in terms of the number of invitees, their age groups and respective beliefs or cultures.

The elements for success

Set the mood to excite your crowd. Colors are very important; color effects people’s mental state and mood and may support specific superstitions. Use all available props and equipment to engage the sense of sight, smell, sound, taste and touch. Choose the right décor, sound and lighting.

You can customize visual effects for screen displays and design your own banner or backdrops to suit the theme. Variety and creative freedom are endless, lucky charm parting gifts, a treasure hunt, a mock-lottery or card games.


Getting it all right can be a daunting task, consult Electric Dreamz for creative event solutions. A professional party organiser can help you tick all these boxes. You can hire everything — from a venue to an expert team of event organizers and staff.

Ask yourself: “What do I want my guests to feel at this party?” Inspired, hopeful, positive, appreciated, LUCKY? Yes, yes, yes and yes!

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