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Top 4 Qualities A Party Planner Should Have To Throw An Epic Party In Singapore

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

What does it take to throw a spectacular party in the city of Singapore? Being an events industry recognised party planner is a pretty big achievement and being a professional #partyplanner for birthday parties, adult parties, kids parties, outdoor parties, house parties, disco parties and office parties often comes with a lot of responsibility and underlying stress. All the successful professionals in the business possess these 4 important qualities that make them extraordinary in Singapore’s event planning paradigm.

Here are the top 4 qualities to be appreciated in a party planner.

An Organized, Responsible And Passionate Party Planner

First and foremost, a party planner needs to have keen attention to detail while listening to the clients and the best party planners in the events industry even go the extra mile to strive and go beyond their clients' expectations. It is important to have a systematic approach towards event checklists, financial estimates, deadlines and schedules to have the overall plan work out smoothly. Being organized and responsible is key and if you are not an organised person, it means you do not possess the right skill set to make your events a success and chances are your plans are unlikely to work out for the client’s benefit. He/she should also be a team player and is able to work closely with the organizing committee, colleagues and suppliers towards the same goal of making the event or party a success.

Multitask - Juggle - Repeat

To be a successful party planner, one needs to be able to handle and work on multiple tasks at the same time and should be focused and composed at all times to ensure every minute detail is taken care of and to ensure everything is according to plan and the prepared schedule. You will have to juggle different tasks and coordinate with various vendors and sometimes delegate some work to others in the team. To be able to do this flawlessly, one needs to have a rock star attitude towards their designation. An effective planner would get this figured out early through a well prepared schedule and lists of tasks to avoid any mistakes that may take place due to carelessness.

A Creative Problem Solver

It’s vital to have a creative mindset to ace in this profession. You should be up-to-date with the current trends and be able to brainstorm with clients on any style or design they wish to have on their minds. When you are an adult party planner organizing an event that consists of caterers, DJs, florists, light and sound, etc., you will never know what can go wrong and when. And when it does, one should be able to pull their sleeves up and sort it out.

A People’s Person

An ideal characteristic of a party planner is that they must be a people’s person. They should have good communication and PR skills and is able to work with and is able to keep in touch with his or her clients before, throughout and after the events. To have the lead on an idea faster, it is important to be in touch with other professionals in the business and maintain a healthy relationship with them. As such, effective and professional communication is also key to make one a successful party planner. It is important to have friendly and helpful customer-centric attitude to make them feel comfortable and assured that they are in good hands and that you will be able to deliver a hassle-free event and party for them and their guests.

These 4 of the best qualities any event planner should have to in this profession to ensure a successful and productive future in the party planning business. Moreover, a positive attitude towards the challenges and passion for making each party memorable for the client is something that should drive every aspiring and passionate party planner.


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Here is a fun video by our event company on party planning.

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